9 Ways Images Can Increase Website Conversion Rate

A website design is optimized to convert visitors into customers as much as possible. There is no one silver way to optimize conversion; there are many tested elements to improve conversion rate. These minor improvements add huge gain in customers over time, so by letting your website stay stagnant, you are missing out on an opportunity to add revenue to your business.   

It is not difficult to improve the conversion rate of your website with Dallas Digital Marketing Agency strategies. Let’s see some of the practical ways to improve website conversions through images.

Appeal to your customer’s emotion with the right images 

Study shows that when you buy a product, it is for emotional reasons. Users simply browse what they want to experience. Here the right pictures come into play. With the right image, you can improve your conversion, and it is up to you to bring users to their senses. One way to use images is to help them visualize the company’s product and experience with it. It provides a great user experience with the right images. And appeal to their feelings and improve site engagement and conversion with your target audience

Using images that appeal to customer’s feelings

Detailed and quality images are a way to attract emotions if you want your website to convert for your customers. Use photos and place them carefully where your customer gets relevant information about your product. Displaying the product in as many angles and details as possible allows customers to know what they are getting. When you provide an alternate view, the return rate will be lower as you are showing what customers want to get.

Using large images to increase conversions 

Larger images enhance conversions. The visitors clicked more on the image button to prove the bid. Even with a larger image, the page content is pushed down from the fold. It simply turns out that visitors are concerned about images scrolling down to see more content. Digital Marketing Agency carried out the conversion rate. Blowing images of products increases your website conversion sales, and it means that larger product images will deliver the best result regardless of product types. 

Using testimonial and videos 

Video client testimonials are beneficial for your business. It gives additional marketing that boosts your credibility. Also, it makes your business more memorable and increases customer service. According to a study, everyone is likely to buy a product that is recommended by another. A testimonial will work better to convert customers as they believe in you.

Using relevant images

It is not simply to take any image; it is necessary to select an image that is relevant to the content on the landing page. You should place an appropriate image on the landing page. It will boost up the effect on customers. Also, users feel more connected with the perfect image impression.    

In fact, to select images on the e-commerce site relevant to the message shown on the landing page. A compelling image is more purposeful for your website. Also, it certainly drives results.

Using eye-catching data to improve your conversion rate 

Companies like Dallas Digital Marketing Company use eye-tracking data and implement it on sites. They have a set of similarities in how people look at the website they visit. You can gain many benefits from eye-tracking data, and you can improve your conversion rate on-site. 

  • Customers love the media. 
  • Using the proper images as inaccurate pictures reduces your site’s credibility. 
  • People always read from left to right, so it is important to insert a call to action button to create web pages.

Using the trust badge 

You will ask about what does the trust badge have to do with conversion rate improvement? As online fraud is increasing, it is essential for customers to feel safe about their provided information. When your customer believes in you, they will buy from you. Dallas Digital Marketing Agency is a trusted website for digital marketing services. Allow them to boost your conversion rate.

Having a call to action button 

Your call to action is an image that represents the tilt point between conversion and bounce rate. Your call to action drives a person to take online action, whether it’s filling out a form, downloading a song, or shopping. This is why it is responsible for more than 35% of your conversion rate.

Design principle to promote conversion principles

If the content or information is KING, then the design is QUEEN. Use a color that conveys the right meaning and feel and be sure to look for colors that are different from the background. The green on yellow will not look as good as the yellow on royal blue. One of the color variations you chose on your website should immediately attract the attention of visitors. 

Wrapping up:

Our brains are made to see comprehending visuals. The only natural way to use images in your content if you want to increase the chance of converting, attracting, and retaining customers. However, you can consult Dallas’s digital marketing company to help you with strategies to market and boost your conversion rates.