A Beautiful Larimar Stone Used in Silver Jewelry

Let us know the past of the stone before wearing them.

Larimar stone jewelry is the blue color rare gemstone that is only found in the mountainous area in the province of Barahona in the Dominican Republic. It made its official appearance in 1974, when Norman Rilling, a member of the US Peace, and Miguel Mendez, a Dominican, found the Larimar pieces on the seashore. Then these people have sent the stones to the place where stones were tested, and then later, when those stone proofs were of the very high quality, they were considered the gemstone. And the stone was named on the daughter of Mendez, Larrisa, along with the word mar, which means water in Spanish. 

Lets us know how the stone was formed

Before they were declared as gemstone, the local people have explored upstream and found the rock formation, which appeared to be the source of the bluestone, but never considered them as something very precious. These stones exist in a very small place where they are formed, and they were formed when the hot gases pushed crystallized minerals up through volcanic tubes. The small blocks of Larimar are in situ, and through soil erosion, the pieces broke off and were moved down the slope into the river by rainfall. The calming stone Larimar is used for Jewelry but also they are used to make beads and decorative objects.

Properties of Larimar 

The extremely beautiful blue Larimar jewelry has unique color and pattern due to the mixing and the cooling elements that occur during the crystallization of the stone. The color of the Larimar stone comes from the calcium deposits and is often streaked with white, and also, they may have reddish or brown color spots caused by the oxidation of iron within the matrix of the stone. Although there is no gemological standardization grading for the Larimar stone, the stone ranges around five on the Mohs scale hardness. The combination of factors like color, patterning, luster, clarity, translucence, chatoyance plays a role in determining the grade of the Larimar crystal. Moreover, the whiter the Larimar, the lower its quality tends to be, and its pattern can help to increase its value. 

Knowing the benefits of wearing the Larimar 



Larimar rings bring peace and balance between the head and the heart, protecting from the negative energies, and this stone is reputed for success. Moreover, the stone helps to find the soulmate, enhancing strength and courage to confess the love. Larimar earring could be wonderful harmonizing the body and soul as it promotes tranquility, calms the tempers, helps you connect with higher self-esteem for guidance. Wearing gemstone jewelry diminishes bad habits and patterns that no longer serve you and make you a better human. Larimar brings the sense of peace in truthfulness, relieves stress-related problems, connecting with the divine feminine while meditating.  

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