A Bluetooth Blaster From Lenovo Has Been Spotted On The FCC

Lenovo appears to be prepping a gun controller for virtual or augmented reality gaming. A Bluetooth blaster from Lenovo has been spotted on the FCC that is most likely to be Android compatible. This device looked like a pistol with a gamepad controller and it’s expected to be a VR/AR companion.

The blaster almost looks like a scaled-down version of Sony’s PSVR Aim controller. It is covered with buttons, including three triggers, two joysticks, a directional pad and a classic ABXY layout. It sports a haptic motor that vibrates when you pull the trigger to shoot Creative Business Name.

This device from Lenovo is a rechargeable device that has a 500 mAh battery which can give a standby of 30 days or 25 hours of gameplay without vibrations and 12 hours with the vibration. According to the instruction manual, the device will offer full Android compatibility will also have features like the moving to the side, reload the weapon and other features which depend on the kind of game is being played. There’s also a headphone jack which lets the user play the game sitting far from the screen also.

An included manual mentions that Lenovo’s gadget would be able to pair with Android devices over Bluetooth. That suggests it might be designed phone-powered VR headsets, though it might work with augmented reality as well. It may even be designed for the Daydream, Google’s new Android-based VR platform set to launch as soon as next https://brandbookcloud.com/.