A Few Code Extensions to make you a Better Developer

Are you looking for any useful extensions to VS code that can help you build better web pages? Then, as this blog will inform you about the power of an extension to the VS Code, you have reached the right location. There is a marketplace for these code extensions, and they are composed of various plugins. It is easy to install the plugins into the text editor, so it becomes more powerful in operation.

This paper provides detailed knowledge of 15 extensions of VS code that are highly advanced and favored by new-age developers. If you want to remain on the advantageous side as well, then go through this blog and briefly read about the extensions of the VS code.


Quokka.js is the first name in this list that has the power of measuring any process you are typing on your system. The result will then appear in the IDE as it is printed by Quokka.js once you have finished typing the codes.

Server Live

As you keep changing the code in your IDE, Live Server will automatically load the web page. This will keep the page from being loaded over and over again and save a lot of time. You will need to update your framework with this VS code extension and then right-click any HTML file.

A choice will appear on the “Open with Live Server” screen of the station when you complete the action. You’re going to have to click on this option, and you’re ready for Live Server graphic design Auckland to get started. This VS code extension also has a shortcut, and it’s by typing Alt key, L, and Q at the same time.

Spell checker code

If you are a website maker, you must know the meaning of a spelling checker very well. It is one of the most imperative software that is precisely so for every developer to look at and Code Spell Checker. It can detect common spelling errors that may be created by a developer when typing quickly. It’s possible to pair this VS code extension perfectly with the camelCase code.

Prettier Prettier (Code Formatter)

It is very important to format the code, and if you are a developer, then you can accept no less. Prettier is a code formatter, and in an organized manner, it formats the written codes. The code is parsed by this VS code extension and printed again following its pre-set rules. You need to spend a fair amount of time as a developer formatting the codes, but no longer with Prettier. This extension of the code would effectively reduce the burden and help you run with ease.

Prettier is constructed with a set of formatting specifications that will automatically be applied to your codes. But you can set the formatting requirements as well, and you will initially have to add a configuration file for that. The formatting standards you want your codes to display should be included, such as the length of each line, etc.

GitLens GitLens

The Visual Studio Code Git framework can be improved with GitLens. With the aid of Git blame annotations created inside GitLens, you can find out the code authorship instantly. This extension of the VS code will provide information about Git repositories. It also helps, by efficient comparison codes, to get a summary of the codes. You can get to know several other advantages of using GitLens once you start using it.

From ESLint

In your JavaScript code, you sometimes face troubling patterns. The ESLint is a static code that has the ability to classify certain codes that have patterns that are problematic. All the rules found in ESLint can be configured by the user. You can also build and load your own rules on the framework, and this extension of the VS code will work accordingly. ESLint is a perfect example of an extension to VS Code that will ensure the accuracy of your codes and fix the coding style related issues as well.


In addition to the file names that appear in the tree-view form, this VS code extension can add icons. The icons will be based on the extension that each file has, so you can recognize your files without any confusion.

Sass Compiler Live

The Live Saas Compiler allows you to compile files from SASS or SCSS to CSS files. Along with a live browser refresh, this whole process can be carried out in a real-time frame.

Script snippets for JavaScript (ES6)

This VS code extension includes fragments of codes used in the ES6 syntax for JavaScript. Code snippets for JavaScript (ES6) are well designed for the VS Code editor and can support JavaScript and TypeScript.

Preview Browser

With the support of this VS code extension, you can open a genuine browser preview inside your editor. Browser Preview will allow you to find and effectively debug the bugs in your codes.

Intellisense Route

Completing the name of any file and path you use in your code is very important. But it is not an easy task to recall them vividly, and this is where Path Intellisense can help you out. Path names and file names will be filled out automatically once you enter the initial characters in your code.

The Vim

There might be no better choice than this VS code extension if you are looking for a Vim emulator. It is designed for Visual Studio coding and is a versatile extension that is suitable for your text editor.

Colorizer for Bracket Pair

With the support of Bracket Pair Colorizer, you can align brackets that can be marked later with colors. The user is allowed to pick the famous characters in which he wishes to match

Highlight TODO

This extension of the VS code will allow you to highlight the annotations that lie inside the code.

Highlight of Color

With the assistance of this extension, you can try out the CSS colors without opening a webpage.

If you want to become a good web page creator, these are the 15 most potent VS code extensions that you can use.

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