A Guide to Polyurethane Gloves

PU coated gloves, also known as Polyurethane coated gloves, are personal protective equipment (PPE) gloves designed for work that need accuracy, skill, and sensitivity. They’re composed of polyurethane foam with a nylon liner, which provides a soft and lightweight barrier for your hands against occupational dangers, including chemicals and abrasion.

What is Polyurethane?

Polyurethane is a typical plastic polymer with a wide range of applications, including usage as an adhesive and material for gloves and other clothing. By adding catalysts, blowing agents, and flame retardants to the chemical composition, Polyurethane may be produced in various shapes.

What are the advantages of using PU coated gloves?

Polyurethane coated gloves provide several advantages that make them ideal for a variety of industries and applications. These are some of them:

  • They are very Flexible

The polyurethane coating offers incredible flexibility, giving these gloves the most delicate touch sensitivity of any industrial glove on the market. Given that most hand injuries occur when employees aren’t wearing gloves, it’s difficult to emphasize this benefit: workers are far more likely to consent to wear gloves on the job if they won’t restrict movement and prohibit them from doing their duties. And, in terms of safety, worker compliance is always a big bonus.

  • The Polyurethane Coating will give you an Incredible Grip

In addition to the overall value and flexibility it provides, polyurethane coating offers excellent grip – which, in a nutshell, is helpful in most applications. Furthermore, polyurethane coating has a low-particulate shed, reducing the risk of contamination when using work gloves with this type of coating.

  • Affordability

Finally, these gloves are both inexpensive to manufacture and acquire. This is an excellent benefit for both businesses and workers, as PU gloves need to be replaced frequently, but the reasonable cost makes this less of a concern.

Benefits of Polyurethane Gloves and Where they are used

When you examine the advantages stated above, polyurethane gloves are a much better fit for specific industries and occupations. PU coated gloves, for example, are frequently used in cleanrooms, petrochemical, hospitality and housekeeping, chemical and paint, electronics etc., because they are non-shredding, offers a good grip, and are puncture resistant. They’re also popular among electricians since they’re cut-resistant while yet allowing the user to move freely.

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