A Step by Step Guide to Monetizing Any Blog Without Breaking a Sweat

Have you ever tried googling, “What is the best way to make money online with a blogging website?” 


I am sure you will come across plenty of websites which will offer you the same advice. Build an affiliate marketing website, or get your website approved from a Google AdSense or simply put, optimize it on the right keywords to attract more organic traffic. But seldom do they provide you with giveaways which can actually work! You may have come across many such articles almost every day, but today is definitely not one of those days. Because today, I am going to educate you on some remarkable ways how you can monetize your blog and get the best bang for your buck without making too much effort. 


Are you struggling with creating a consistent revenue stream from your online blog? 


Without further ado, read on. 


Believe in Your Blogging Venture 

So first thing first, your blog is your own thing and you need to literally OWN it. 


Here’s where many bloggers immensely fail since they are not quite ready to take up the ownership. By ownership, I mean you should have some level of motivation & drive to make your blog profitable. 


One way of doing so is to start treating your blog just as a startup. 


Think of your blog as more of a product/service. Work around getting things done on your blog just the way as you would, if you were the owner of a well renowned brand. What if you were given the responsibility of managing the blog page for a healthcare website or maybe a design & development firm? 


  • What steps would you take to make the blog flourish? 
  • What will be your content marketing strategy & plan to make it successful? 
  • Who will be your target audience & in what way can you best reach them out? 
  • What will create interest for walk-in readers/viewers to come over to your blog page? 


Before you come to the monetizing stage, give your blog a theme and a feel so it can crunch numbers. 


There are two ways how you can start away with a blogging site of your own. 



  • Choose Your Niche Based on Your Passion


Don’t worry about earnings just yet. 


Research and find a niche that best resonates with your mindset. Why is this important? It’s because half of the blogs on the Internet fails just because the bloggers running the show aren’t quite satisfied with their own performances. They are writing to entertain the audience, but their passion lies elsewhere. 


As a result, their blogs eventually fail to see the light of the day. 


To begin with, don’t shoot arrows blindly anywhere just because your heart lies in gaming, fashion, cooking or something else. Alongside your passion, you also need to understand that your niche must be profitable so you can earn significantly in the near future. Niche selection is complicated but with adequate research, you can choose the right one and find it of great value for business. 



  • Make Use of Your Experience


Now, it is pretty obvious that if you’re launching a particular blogging website for your business, it is highly likely because you saw some success in working for different websites. You must have worked for multiple brands beforehand and you’re pretty well versed in writing on a specific niche. 


If your 9-5 job has prepared you for something, then why not cash it within your blog?! 


For instance, many of us are very skilled in writing articles on SEO marketing, digital marketing, website design & development and other related niches. Now, even though the competition here is relatively tough, it is still not unachievable. Put your years to good use by tapping into your professional network. Let the world know about your expertise and educate the audience on what you’ve learned over the years. 


Believe me, no blog can reach success faster than the one which talks about personal experiences. 



  • Work on the Process, Your Writing Is Already Good! 


Gone are the days when content quality and consistency were the only thing to make you profitable. 


If you want to turn your blogging venture into a success, start building relationships & get more backlinks. Backlinks help you raise your website’s domain authority & help you come on the Internet radars. 


Don’t work on improving your writing, work on ways how you can best promote them on different blogs. 


The 80/20 rule shows how 80% of your content success depends on online sharing. Whereas, 20% of the content depends on how you craft the content & what strategies you can implement to make it all work. 



  • Put Together a Content Marketing Strategy


You don’t want your blog to appear as a haphazard mix of content. If you want to monetize it, you need to show that you’re not just another content filled website leading readers into brinks of confusion. 


Put together a powerful content plan which can help convert your audience for the better. 


A content strategy is a form of a roadmap which gives you an insight on what you need to publish. 


There are different parts of a content strategy such as: 


  • Keyword Research 
  • Competitor Research 
  • Content Calendar 
  • Effective Link Building 
  • Analyzing User Search Intent 



  • Design a Highly Engaging & Conversion Optimized Funnel


Last but not the least, you need to create a highly engaging conversion optimized sales funnel for your site. Normally, it’s a five step process which you need to harness in order to generate results.


  • Stage 1: Maintain High Quality Content Which Offers High-End Solutions 
  • Stage 2: Provide Relevant Exchanges Such as Freebies in Exchange for Emails 
  • Stage 3: Establish a Low-Priced Offer to Build Trust Among Audience
  • Stage 4: Connect with Them Using a Story By Sending it Through a Series of Emails 
  • Stage 5: Convince them to Schedule a Meeting & Ask Them a Payment for Consultation


P.S. Don’t forget to buy dedicated server hosting because if your website isn’t optimized for speed & performance, nobody would prefer to visit your blog even if you offer them the best experience. 


So here is a step by step formula to understand how you can monetize just about any blog without a  hassle. Let us know if you find it interesting. Do you have something to share, feel free to do so.