Accounting Outsourcing In Russia

Have you been working on the Russian market for a long time and picked to change your accounting reexamining firm, which for no good reason doesn’t resolve your issues? Or on the other hand, would you say you are basically meaning to set up an agent office/branch in Russia and need to pick a reliable associate?

Our clients like that we are limited to the accounting limit, most importantly and chief help them with changing their business to the Russian reality: to organize and change business measures with due thought in regards to financial, accounting and cost points of view.

What are the potential gains of Accounting Outsourcing?

you don’t have to look for a Russian accountant and care about motivation and overseeing.

you don’t have to pay for choosing, wages, and quality organization.

as a contact singular, you will get an ensured Russian accountant who conveys in English without any problem.

you by and large methodology our legitimate counselors, IT-prepared experts, and German specialists.

the aggregate of our delegates sticks to the AJ Consulting Corporate guidelines.

additional security on account of the machine against disease and antagonistic to spy programming, customary planning for our laborers, and further security rules.

we are reliably dedicated to our clients and associates.

full oversight and straightforwardness on your business in Russia.

long stretch reasoning and long stretch business associations in Russia.

gathering of commitment seeing to our accounting contracts similarly as a duty assurance.

you can absolutely focus on your middle business in Russia and get more money that way.



Our organization pack “Accounting Outsourcing in Russia”

is more than the execution of fundamental accounting measures. Our organization group is significantly broader and consolidates:

financial accounting and duty assortment under Russian law;

money and remuneration bookkeeping including the planning of trips for work and documentation of workforce;

electronic banking and portions;

itemizing and directing organizations in English;

dispatch organizations in Moscow;

various organizations that work with your accounting limit.