Map “Adoption of non-pharmaceutical measures (NPI) against Covid-19”.

The strategic philanthropy is one of the cornerstones of Play & go experience and be defined as the symbiotic use of company resources in order to achieve social benefits.

Under this principle, we have developed the second of the projects, together with the technology-based company Datum , specialized in data science and artificial intelligence. This time the scope of the project is global, aware that today, more than ever, local communities and countries are interrelated and interconnected, so that the knowledge acquired about the Covid-19 crisis must be shared so that it can contribute to its mitigation.

The map “Adoption of non-pharmaceutical measures (NPI) against Covid-19” is a tool designed to be able to spatially evaluate the impact that the different measures adopted by the different countries of the world have had to stop Covid-19, determining the set of measures that have affected to a greater and lesser extent in the reduction of the number of infections.

For its development, more than 80 measures have been identified and the time when they were adopted in 182 countries around the world. Based on this information, an Artificial Intelligence model has been configured to analyze the correlations between these measures and the Covid-19 infections in each country.

The system is updated daily and the results improve with the learning obtained and the volume of data available, even so, they should not be taken as direct causalities, but as a relative and dynamic analysis.

The most relevant measures that have been selected for the first version are the following:

  • Closing of colleges and universities
  • Lockdown
  • Contact tracing
  • Ban events of more than 10 people
  • Curfew hours

When interpreting the data, it must be taken into account that values ​​less than zero indicate the measures that, the greater the number of days, are correlated with a reduction in infections, so it would be the desirable situation.

Data has been available since January 2020 and the information can be displayed in cartographic form using layers for each of the five measures selected by country. The expected result is to know what is the package of measures that has gone hand in hand with the reduction of infections and the first preliminary results are the following:

  • Closing of colleges and universities: there are two countries with values ​​lower than 0: Portugal and El Salvador.
  • Confinement: there is only one country with less than 0: El Salvador
  • Contact tracing: there is no country below 0, although Sweden is the most prominent with a value of 0.03.
  • Ban events of more than 10 people: only El Salvador is below 0 and Finland slightly above.
  • Curfew hours: only Kuwait is below 0.

Adoption of non-pharmaceutical measures (NPI) against Covid-19