Advantages of using Curtains over Blinds

Window coverings are one of the oldest and popular methods that are used to control the sunlight inside the room and maintain moderate light in the room. In this modern time, the use of blinds and shades is trending fastly and been used in every house and commercial office. Whether it is a house or office, curtains and blinds are always a good addition to have an attractive look while having privacy inside the room.  Consult the expert curtains NYC professionals when choosing the curtain during the house renovation project.

Below are some reasons why curtains can be a better choice over blinds:

Window insulation for summer and winter

Curtains come in various fabrics that are specialized for heat absorbent in summer and some provide warmth in winter. Curtains provide better insulation as compared to blinds and maintain the room at a stable temperature. You can find out the various types of curtains online that are specially designed for specific seasons.

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Curtains are more durable as compared to blinds

The majority of blinds are made up of acrylic material and the life of blinds usually depends on exposure to heat and moisture. The more the blinds are kept in exposure to the sun, the more it is likely to fade away soon.  Curtains are usually made up of clothing fabric and hence it is highly resistant to heat and water and doesn’t fade easily as blinds.

Blocks light and sound efficiently

Blinds might still allow some light to enter inside the room, but if you need a total darkroom, using a heavy curtain on the window can offer complete darkness in the room. Also, curtains can be customized with other curtain pairs to create a unique look for the window. It can be double layered for extra protection and extra- darkness in the room.

Curtains can give a more modern look

Curtains come in various shapes, designs, and patterns. Though blinds offer a neat and aesthetic look, curtains can be a real wow factor to your décor addition as you can have customized window curtains of your favorite fabric and shaded for the window.

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Curtains can be easily cleaned as compared to blinds

Blinds are usually made up of acrylic, so they can get damaged if regularly cleaned with water. On the other side, curtains can be washed with detergent powder and water without any worry. Washing curtains can turn them fresh and newly purchased.  Also for the extra-ordinary home décor designs, you can keep matching cushions with a curtain in the room.


In this modern generation, the curtain might look a little bit old-fashioned but the old is always gold.  Curtains are easy to install and removed at convenience. Though blinds required professionals to install and remove. Curtains are highly customizable; they can be removed and changed as per your home design and décor to have a perfect match and contrast. There are also some curtains available that are dust-proof and prevent allergies. Curtains can also work as diffusers like many people spray the room freshener on the curtain to keep the smell long-lasting in the room. Consult the expert curtains NYC Company to know the new trendy curtain options.