All About 3M Novec 73DE

3M Novec 73DE is intended for hardcore fume degreasing, inundation cleaning, or oil testimony; including high dissolvability, low surface strain, non-combustibility, and liquid solidness. 


  • Intended for use in fume degreasers and inundation cleaning 
  • cost-effective substitution, TCE, ozone-exhausting HCFCs, and high GWP HFCs 
  • Superb execution with high dissolvability and low surface strain 
  • Successful in cleaning weighty oils, oils, waxes, silicones, and non-polar motion deposits 
  • Simple to keep up and use in a fume degreaser with stable shower synthesis during broadened use 
  • Non-combustible with a fantastic security profile 


  • Dissolvable Cleaning 
  • Fume Degreasing 
  • Accuracy Cleaning 

Advantages of 3M Novec 73DE 

More secure and harmless to the ecosystem 

The essential advantage of utilizing Novec liquids is that they are more secure and more harmless to the ecosystem than the solvents that they supplanted. Numerous specialists are looking for a more secure, more manageable other option and Novec liquids are an amazing drop-in substitution since they are designed for: 

  • High edge of security for laborers 
  • Zero ozone depreciation potential (ODP) 
  • Low an Earth-wide temperature boost potential (GWP) 
  • Magnificent cleaning execution 
  • More powerful cleaning 

In view of their low surface pressure, 3M Novec 73DE Engineered Fluids can enter restricted spaces and angle proportions on complex parts. After all, together with cleaning hard-to-arrive at territories, the liquids at that point channel off effectively so they don’t get caught in little spaces. 

  • Improved cleaning of parts with complex calculations 
  • Quicker dry occasions for improved process durations 
  • Better dissolvability for natural soils 
  • Independence from chemistry that upholds organic development 
  • spot-free results with less possibility of erosion 

Productive utilization of assets:- 

Utilization of 3M Novec 73DE with a fume degreaser is less hardware and energy-escalated contrasted with that of fluid frameworks. Since a dissolvable framework reuses the dissolvable through refining, the majority of the dissolvable is reused. 

  • Simpler to use with cell producing 
  • Fundamentally lower power costs 
  • Protection of water 
  • More modest hardware “impression” 
  • No drying hardware required 
  • Lower long haul cost of possession