All About Rishikesh Camping


It is only when you feel the beauty of nature in the cold dark night, sitting by the warm fire, seeing the brightest star, that powerful nature overwhelms you. The place where camps and bonfires establish an exciting prospect for a traveller is Uttarakhand. Plan to camp in Rishikesh and reward yourself with a variety of activities.

For camping, the best time to visit Rishikesh varies according to the season. It is recommended for late September to mid-November & early March to the first week of May. To prevent unnecessary hassles, avoid the monsoon season. The rapids in the Ganges River are also on the surge, and it is advisable to stay away from water throughout the time.

Ideal number of days for camping is usually 2 days and 1 night. So you don’t need to pack much except some necessary items. 

Rishikesh is home to some of the most beautiful campsites that will leave you captivated as never before. For all sorts of travellers, these camps give everything. Take a glance over them: 

-You are welcomed at Aspen Camps located over Lakshman jhulla by the variety of adventure activities in Rishikesh, clean Swiss tents, cleaner surroundings, and positive vibes. Try out a number of whitewater rafting, bungee, flying fox, and waterfall rappelling adventure sports. Aspen adventures in Rishikesh are the best place to be for camping.

-The Wildex Camp located over Neelkanth temple in Rishikesh is set in the vicinity of Rajaji National Park and is guarded by mountain shades. The place offers adventures and is also visited by unusual birds from the Himalayas. Bonfire, lit sky, and by its side the free-flowing Ganga River, this place is too nice for a campsite. If you wish to stay here don’t miss out the chance to have a breakfast here as the place is surrounded by greenery. 

-Time to go on a roller coaster trip in the Himalayan foothills. Camp Roller Coaster is the ideal dose of weekend excitement for all adventure seekers, with camping options available in 1 and 2-night packages. A stay here provides you with a tailor-made atmosphere to enjoy the ideal weekend by the Ganga River. On the base of the Himalayas, where you can wake up to the charming views of the flowing river and snow-peaked mountains, the tent camps are situated.

-Sitting peacefully by the banks of the Ganga River, Camp Ganga Riviera is the joy of a camper. Greenfields, meandering rivers and spectacular natural scenery make this area fascinating. The jungle camp is a 2-km walk past the quaint Jhula Bridge from the Rishikesh-Badrinath Highway. You can schedule a momentous trip with family or friends here, a great journey for camping and adventure activities.

-One of the top camps in Rishikesh that you can consider for Rishikesh camping is Camp Gold Coast. The camp provides not only the scenic beauty of the setting and the facilities you need, but also fun activities such as rappelling, kayaking, river rafting, and more. Lunch, breakfast and dinner, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, will be served. This is one of the largest camps on the beach and its proximity to the Song Talli Valley makes it an ideal place to stay.



Day 1-Arrival Day, Trek, And Safari

After an engrossing overnight trip, soon after arrival at the camp, head towards the camp. There is a wonderful breakfast and tea waiting for you. Enjoy the scenic beauty around you as you plan for the big day ahead or get some rest. The next activity is jungle safari! In the surrounding jungle in the Rajaji National Park and to the Vindhyavasini Mata Temple, a 4/4 open jeep takes you. A bonfire with musical games and indoor events such as board games during the night. Staying at the camp overnight. Ensure that you also visit Lakshman Jhula. Situated near Shivpuri, it is a popular attraction.

Day 2-River Rafting

Rishikesh is renowned for the Ganga River river rafting. With its thrilling rapids, the river makes a great spot for adventure lovers who love to experience the thrill. After a hearty breakfast, head to the Ganga River rafting site, where organisers provide you with the requisite rafting equipment.


It is equally risky, engrossing or appealing that camping in Rishikesh is, and so it is recommended to keep a few things in mind before stepping in those waters! 


  1. I) Every word from the trainer is important.  Listen to it strictly. 

(ii) Always carry a floating life jacket or personal device 

Iii) In whatever you wear, be safe and relaxed 

  1. iv) Correctly hold the paddle 

(v) Stay in a boat 

Vi) Know the commands in case of an emergency and do not panic.

That’s it you are all ready to set for Rishikesh. Have a wonderful journey.