All You Need to Know About Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring in Dubai has become a very popular choice for homeowners and commercial properties. It can be used on the floors of all kinds of rooms, from home to office to retail store to spa/hot tub room. It provides an easy to clean surface that can withstand high foot traffic.

Because of its durability and quality, laminate flooring now remains as one of the most popular choices for floor coverings. Before deciding on a type of laminate flooring to install in your home or office, it is important to learn about the various types available today.

  1. Most laminate flooring manufacturers will provide a photograph of the finished product. In order to determine the kind of laminate flooring you will purchase, it is important to view the photographs in person. If there are any visible marks on the surface of the product after it has been installed, you should contact the manufacturer before purchasing the product.
  2. Many laminate flooring manufacturers will offer a refund or return policy, if there is an error made during the installation or upon the discovery of wear and tear. If the warranty on the item is still in effect, it is wise to ask the manufacturer if they offer a repair service to replace any damaged pieces.
  3. There are two basic methods for laminate flooring installation. One method involves pre-planning the boards to be installed before the floor is laid with antibacterial film. The boards are pre-drilled and can then be placed in the holes drilled into the floor.
  4. Another method is to use planks without a backing. These planks are pre-cut to the specific size and depth of each planks needed for the particular project. These boards are then installed directly onto the floor area that was previously prepared.
  5. If you choose to install luxury vinyl flooring, it is wise to purchase this type of planks from reputable suppliers. This is because quality products carry a manufacturer’s guarantee that all defects will be repaired or replaced under their warranty.
  6. You should also choose a company with extensive experience in flooring installation and floor finishing. Laminate floors are difficult to install alone, so if you choose to install your luxury vinyl flooring by yourself, it is important that you have some level of carpentry experience.