All You Need to Know about Visitor’s Visa to Canada from Dubai

Also known as Great White North, Canada is one of the top choices for a nice vacation away from daily hectic life. From the unparalleled beauty of the mountains, glaciers to calmness at the longest coastline in the world, Canada’s allure has been fascinating to one and all. Canada’s cosmopolitan side has a distinct flavour of its own. While it has abundant natural spaces and great outdoors to fall for, it makes tourists go gaga for some unforgettable moments throughout their stay. 

To have a great time around polar bears and the alluring Niagara Falls, one will have to obtain a Canada visit visa from Dubai. To get a visit visa, one should get connected to the best visa consultants in Dubai. A skilled visa consultant will offer an individual approach to each client and serve the best services for a seamless migration process. 

A visa consultant will assist an individual in applying for a Canada visa from Dubai. They present an application to the authorities on their client’s behalf, prepare them for an interview and complete the documentation process. With a visa consultant, one has to not worry about the immigration process and application success.

A professional visa consultancy will provide a personal manager for the visa process and give service quality assurance.

Eligibility Requirements for a visitor’s visa

However, to visit this diverse and multicultural country, one needs to fulfill eligibility requirements to get a Canada visit visa from Dubai.

  • A valid and updated  UAE residency passport 9 six months from the date of visa application).
  • To be in their good health ( health certificate).
  • Character certificate in evidence for no criminal records.
  • Applicants should not have indulged in any immigration-related convictions.
  • Have enough financial resources for their stay in the maple syrup land.
  • An applicant will have to convince the immigration officer with evidence that proves they have ties in their home country- job, family, assets to take them back here.
  • An applicant should also convince the immigration officer that they will leave the foreign land after their visit.

There are some other requirements for a visitor’s visa that serve the purpose of the above-stated requirements-

  • Three passport size photographs
  • Bank statement of last six months
  • Hotel bookings ( these are not mandatory but are often beneficial)

As the decision to issue a Canada visa from Dubai to tourists is taken by the Embassy of Canada, a  skilled visa consultant uses the right strategies and well-presented documents to eliminate any weaknesses of the client’s application and reduce the chances of refusal. 

In cases where there is refusal, a visa consultant will resort to the appeal procedure system to analyze the reasons for refusal by the officer and eliminate them.

Thus, hiring a visa consultant for your Canada visit visa from Dubai will be advantageous for any problems that may lead to visa refusal. With their assistance and guidance, one will be able to get a smooth ride in the immigration process. They assure you of your immigration and swiftly handle all the proceedings from your application to your stay.