All You Should Know About Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone tyres are well known for their wide range of selection. Many people prefer to buy these tyres for their quality and efficiency in working. The firm has kept in mind the diverse needs of its users and made their tyres according to that.

In case you are looking to buy Bridgestone tyres, you should know about the type of tyres they offer. We have made the job easier for you, below are the types of tyres you can buy:

All-season tyres

Bridgestone provides its users with all-season tyres. These Tyres Leeds run all year long and are made so they can survive all kinds of weather. It can be said that, in a way, these tyres combine the features of summer tyres with winter tyres.

These tyres can work in any weather, no matter how unpredictable it is, and that’s the best thing about them. Bridgestone offers different sizes of all-season tyres to suit all vehicle types. So, consumers can get the best advantage of them.

Summer tyres

Summers tyres are another type of tyres offered by the firm. These tyres are made to fit the hot and dry condition of roads during the summer season. Bridgestone summer tyres are made from a compound that makes them run smoothly on both wet and dry grounds.

Moreover, these tyres can survive extensive heat too. Therefore, if you live in a city that remains hot for a long time, you should invest in these tyres. You should also remember to change these tyres once the temperature falls below 7° celsius.

Winter tyres

Just like Bridgestone summer tyres, their winter tyres are made to suit the cold months of December and January. These tyres are constructed in a way so you don’t get stuck in snowy areas.

Bridgestone winter tyres come with sipes and special tread marks. These sipes make it easy for you to move through snow and water clogged areas. When the temperature ranges below 7° celsius, you should use these tyres. These tyres are fit for the aforementioned temperature only as they melt when the temperature ranges above.

Truck tyres

Bridgestone Tyres Leeds also makes specific tyres for trucks. So, consumers don’t have to compromise their desired quality. These tyres have improved tread life for a comfortable ride. In addition to that, their tread marks are modified to improve the grip of the tyre on the road.

Truck tyres aren’t only made to do the job, but they are also made to look attractive. To fit special circumstances, these truck tyres have further distinctions as well. These distinctions include the following types:

Commercial Truck Tires

All-Season Truck Tire

All-Terrain Truck Tire

Run-flat tyres

Run-flat tyres are a new technology in the market. These tyres keep your vehicle moving even when some air has escaped your tyres. Thus, you don’t have to stop when you notice your tyres getting deflated.

Instead, these tyres have a certain speed on which you drive through to a certain distance. Bridgestone run-flat tyres can be a life saviour in many situations. These tyres stand as proof of how far tyre tech has come.

Performance tyres

Bridgestone also has performance tyres for people who want to do more than just normal driving. These tyres are high performance and thus, add to the thrill of driving. Moreover, they enhance the performance of high-performance vehicles.

Through different tread patterns and rubber compounds, the firm is able to provide better control of the vehicle. Besides, there is improved precision and traction for a sports car and other such vehicles.