Alternatives For Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

If for any reason you decide not to take hormone replacement therapy (HRT), there are several other considerable alternative ways that you can use for controlling your menopausal symptoms. You can change your lifestyle, change your diet, or maybe add some supplements to your routine.
The following measures can be taken as alternatives for hormone replacement therapy:

​Exercise regularly:
Make regular exercise a part of your routine. It can help reduce hot flashes and improve sleep disorders. It will boost your mood if you are depressed or disturbed. Weight lifting and other exercises can help to make your bones strong.

Healthy diet:
Keep your diet balanced and healthy by eating healthy. Avoid eating spicy foods as they trigger hot flashes. It will help to prevent hot flashes and make your bones strong. Also, maintain a balanced diet can help you maintain your weight. Also, it will prevent serious health conditions such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Stop smoking and drinking:
Stop smoking and drinking. It will help to reduce hot flashes and will keep you away from serious health diseases such as heart conditions, cancers, and strokes.

Avoid caffeine:
Caffeine is known to trigger hot flashes. Avoid taking anything that contains caffeine.

Stay relaxed:
Avoid stress. Get enough rest. They will help you boost your mood by reducing mood swings. You can try activities such as yoga, tai chi, and several other relaxation techniques. They will help you to relax.

Drink plenty of water:
Drinking enough water can help you stay cool and hydrated throughout the day.

Stay cool at night:
Wear comfortable and loose clothing at night so that you can sleep peacefully. Keep your room ventilated and cool.

Vaginal lubricants:
If you experience vaginal dryness while having sexual intercourse, you can always use vaginal lubricants or moisturizers. The harbor compounding pharmacy provides a wide variety of vaginal lubricants and moisturizers. It will help you through painful intercourse.

Food supplements:
You can use food supplements such as soy products, kava, red clover, black cohosh, ginseng, oilseeds e.g., flaxseed, whole grain cereals, or legumes to balance your hormones to reduce your menopausal symptoms. However, they may not be safe for everyone. Talk to a doctor before taking them.

Other supplements:
Women can take supplements such as calcium and vitamin D to prevent the risk of osteoporosis in them.

​Doctor near you:
You can find a doctor near you by reaching the harbor compounding pharmacy. For more information, visit the harbor compounding pharmacy online.

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