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A National Disaster, the COVID-19 pandemic has rendered most of us helpless, desperate, and inadequate. All of us, worldwide, have been affected by this disaster for the most part of this year; however, getting used to the ‘new normal’ may be easier for a few, it comes with its set of challenges for many others. What is meant is that different segments of our society have and will continue to react distinctively because of that segment’s geographical, logistical, and financial sentiments. Having stated this, during these trying times, numerous NGO for disaster management by the Government and various corporate organizations, etc., have surfaced and helped many underprivileged communities with basic amenities like food, water, medicines, masks, sanitisers, and other such critical necessities.

Among these NGOs is Save the Children, India’s leading NGO, which immediately responded to the situation by providing support, including medical and other vital supplies as well as emergency response training to the most vulnerable areas and communities impacted by the coronavirus. To date, Save the Children continues to distribute hygiene supplies along with the spread of important health information and awareness on how to stay safe and prevent the spread of infection. 

Through the efforts of Save the Children’s NGO for disaster management services, over 3.09 lakh children and 5.08 lakh adults have been reached out because of its activities, as of the second week of June 2020. More than 5.42 lakh people including 1.19 lakh children were reached and made part of awareness drives on washing hands, using masks, and other hygiene practices. Thereafter, 51,609 people, including 11,838 children were provided hygiene kits, which included masks, soaps, hand sanitisers, etc. Over 1,49,001 individuals, including 61,618 children were given ration to last them for thirty days, where more than 348 frontline workers provided support in delivering ration to various homes with children to ensure their basic nutrition.

Apart from the COVID relief services, Save the Children organizes numerous such NGO for disaster management services and conducts many child-centric and community-based preparedness programs across India for the most vulnerable communities. Save the Children’s employees, partners, and volunteers have been well-trained to execute an Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan (EPP). The NGO, through its strong relations with communities across the nation, is able to ensure that underprivileged communities can be taught disaster preparedness.

As we continue fighting this pandemic, Save the Children will need your help to organize many such NGO for disaster management services. 

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