An Aromatic Experiential Mood

Although it is not the primary sense that we depend on most of the time, the olfactory sense is powerful. Chemicals in the air are promptly recognised by the nose when a meal is newly made, or a splash of perfume is sprayed, triggering the sense of smell. Individuals are compelled to create ideas and make decisions only based on the brain’s response to the situation. At SOH, the catalogue has some of the best scented candles in Australia, which arouse the sense of smell in the consumer. The candles are made of paraffin wax and soy wax, and the smells are created to mimic the scents of their naturally occurring equivalents. The candles are handcrafted in Melbourne and are a home-baked product. Nathan and Kristine Brown founded the firm in 2013, and it has progressed significantly in the field of scented items since then. You may choose from a large selection of the best scented candles in Australia, and the items express the purity, honesty, and ideals associated with Australia.

What are the benefits of purchasing scented candles from SOH?

According to research, nine out of ten candle users agree that candles make a space seem cosier. A staggering 76 percent of candle consumers agree that candles are the ideal Christmas present. It is well known that candles have been around for more than 5000 years and are eternal classics. Aside from being available in a range of aromas and with vegan and soy alternatives, the candles at SOH are made with a passionate, Australian, and domestic feel in mind.

1. There is nothing like being at home.

SOH Candles is a Melbourne-based candle company owned and run by a family of four. A great deal of time, work, and love goes into each candle, which is exquisitely created from the best components while keeping aesthetics in mind—Australian at heart, with beautiful smells available all year.

2. A large selection from which to choose

A wide range of options is usually beneficial, and SOH delivers a wide range of options. It is ensured that there will be a fragrance to suit every taste and preference. Freja, Verdant, and Collins Street are some of the most popular goods available. These names exude Australian energy, and they, in turn, send out wafts of it around the world. The 390g candles are available in three different metal holders: copper, iron, and brass. These luxurious products are designed to complement the elegance of any living area. They also offer some excellent glass cloches to choose from to go with the candles.

3. They burn efficiently and for an extended period.

To suggest that the future of fragrance is exciting would be an understatement. The candles are created with the highest quality and craftsmanship, allowing them to burn for up to 70 hours or more. SOH also offers a Candle Care section, which contains information on how to make candles last longer, maintain the glass encasing, and prevent people from harming themselves while using candles.

4. Appealing to the senses of smell as well as sight

With the collaboration of renowned fragrance Francois Merle-Baudoin, not only are the candles outstanding in terms of their scents but they are also presented in miniature glasses with matte finishes, which is a nice touch. With the addition of a holding vessel and a glass cloche of your choosing, you’ve created the perfect home dĂ©cor item.

5. It makes for excellent presents while also being inexpensive.

Other than for personal use, the candles make excellent presents… They’ll look entirely at home in any setting and complement any existing furniture and accessories in the room. Even better, they are reasonably priced and can be obtained by people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. This is all the more incentive to purchase one now rather than later since there is no better moment than the present to do it.