Anti Aging Foods And Their Impact On An Individual’s Health

Various secrets have been advocated in the holistic science of Ayurveda about the long-lasting impacts of Anti Aging Foods on an individual’s skin. These are also cited as “the balance between the inner contentment and vitality with outer perfection cannot be diminished by age or time”. This balance is also known as ‘Ojas’ or the eternal beauty of the individuals. 

Whenever the skin of individuals acquire the touch and feel of silk with blinding glow, then the individual’s are said to be ‘Tejas’. Similar to the way that it is considered essential for incorporating natural products, effective sobriety in individuals routine diet, it is likewise equally to follow a healthy lifestyle by including healthy foods that provide “Ojas” and “Tejas” look. 

Ayurveda advocates that only when individuals feel good about themselves then only they can look good. But, there is also the fact that the consumption of some food items can enhance the rate of ageing in an individuals body 4 seater dining table online. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various anti aging foods that should be included with individuals regular diet routine.

Relation between Ayurveda and Food items

One among the three foundation pillars of life as per the Ayurveda is “Ahaar/food”. Ayurveda suggests various spices, herbs, and oils calm the various bodily systems, which helps reduce inflammation and induces restfulness. It describes that herbs can assist individuals in reducing the symptoms of ageing by regenerating body cells. Such potent herbs are known as Rasayanas that have a variety of benefits. It is a branch of Ayurveda that deals with methods for enhancing the quality of life. It hints about various plants, animal products, metals, and other minerals that are used by Rasayanas for delaying the signs of ageing in the long run.

Impact of Food Items in Aging

The quality and amount of food that individuals consume has a greater impact on an individuals health. Suppose individuals are engaged in the habit of overeating. In that case, overeating stresses the individual’s body and does not provide enough time in processing the food. The basic idea that needs to be followed is to eat clean and healthy food in the right proportion. By ensuring the right quality and quantity of food in individuals regular routine diet, they can achieve a more active and immune body that would be helpful in fighting against the seasonal flu.

Food Items that have a greater impact on Faster Ageing

Ageing is a natural process of an individual body, and it must be thoroughly embraced in whatever form it begins to demonstrate. However, the food items that individuals consume help them to grow better and healthier in both senses (inside growth and outside growth). 

As per Ayurveda, foods that are whole, unblotted, and are cooked with love contains more of the intelligence of nature. They ultimately create more earnestness and happiness in individuals when they consume that. These food items are known as ‘Satvic’ food items, and they are also the anti aging food in India. 

On the contrary, foods that create lethargy or laziness are known as the ‘Tamasic’ food item. These food items are the major cause of early ageing and the dullness of the individual’s skin. This category of food items include the following:

  • White Sugar.
  • Sugary cocktails.
  • Instant Energy drinks.
  • Packaged food items.
  • Food cooked over micro-wave ovens.
  • Processed food items.

Best Anti Aging Foods that individuals can include with their routine diet

There is no possibility of stopping skin ageing because it is a natural phenomenon. But, the only thing that individuals can offer to themselves is slow skin ageing. It can only be attained by including fresh, seasonal, and natural food items in their regular diet trolleys online. This inclusion will definitely provide a significant shift in their skin’s resilience to early ageing. Various experts of Ayurveda suggests the inclusion of following food items with individuals regular diet for getting an ‘anti-ageing-effect’.

Best Anti Aging Foods Younger Looking Skin

  • Avoid snacks that contain candies and potato chips and include a handful of dry fruits like Almonds and Walnuts.
  • Avoid aerated drinks while consuming regular meals instead; use fresh lime, buttermilk, or coconut water—these lower the internal body temperature and calm down the inner digestive fire.
  • Individuals can add fresh cucumbers, and carrots in thier regular diet in the form of salad. Doing so will help them maintain their overall health.
  • Instead of using vegetable oils, if individuals use coconut, sesame, or olive oil for cooking their regular meals, they can significantly reduce the level of bad cholesterol in their bodies.


These are some of the food items which are considered as the best anti aging foods.

By adding these items to their regular diet, individuals can attain very good looking skin with a highly robust immune system.