Are Motorized Shades Worth the Investment?

Are you wondering whether it is worth investing in motorized window shades? Well, we believe it certainly is. Automated window treatments come with lots of benefits like –

Convenience – With motorization,operation of the window treatments is easy, especially if they are hard to reach or very big.

Energy Savings – Adjusting the shades to lower during hot daysand raise during winter days, saves home owners on their energy bills and creates a comfortable ambiance inside.

Safety and Security – Motorization helps to schedule the shades to raise and lower even when the home is empty.

Aesthetics – These shades have a modern and beautiful

Why Window Shades are Better than Blinds?

Window shades are preferred over curtains these days because shades are made of rich fabrics and are quite flexible. They also retain their beauty for longer times than curtains.  Another great advantage of having shades in windows is that they can be customized according to the décor of a room. A huge range of patterns and fabrics are available to have tailor-made shades according to one’s preference. Thus, shades are better than blinds.

Vertical Blinds are Just Great

Vertical blinds are unique and incredibly functional window treatments. They can be installed in any room. The greatest advantages of these blinds are –

  • They are wonderful window treatments for patio doors which are hard to cover up.
  • They are perfect optionsfor large windows. They make operation of such windows easy and give them a classy look.
  • Installing these blinds gives height to a room since they make the ceiling look higher. Thus, these window treatments heighten a room.

Vertical shades are available in good quality and a huge selection of colors.