Art: From Shops to Web Platforms!

Art is a part of everyone around us, every individual human being (artist or not), has their own ways of expressing their art. However, the one’s that are able to express their inner form of mind on a piece of paper or even over a picture they click, are the true artists! 

Moreover, art and artists have been a part of the ever-progressing world of art. Similarly, contests held around art is also something that needs no introductions as they are some of the best ways for budding artists to provide their pieces of art with an avenue that the world praises. 

Further, it is not only about exposure! Participating in international art competitions provides benefits to artists at several levels. Art competitions and contests help artists prepare their life artwork and promote their talent.

While many of you might have had the opportunity to visit an art exhibition in their lives, a majority of the audience and artists never made it to that place. Yes, there are still many arts that have not been praised for what they deserve. Thankfully, things have changed for the better. Welcome to the era of an online art competition that has been one of the most prevalent events among artists.

Let us find out about some benefits of engaging in an online fine American art contest at Art Show International:

Some benefits include:

  • Seeking an easy entry, no matter where you are around the globe:

The biggest benefit of participating in the artshowinternational contests is the ease of securing entry to the event. They don’t really hassle you with the dorms and formalities. You can easily fill up all the required information, conveniently through the online portals of our art galleries and competitions. It only takes a few minutes to complete the entire procedure.

With the online approach, these competitions tend to eliminate the conventional method that required the artists to fill a paper entry form with a return postage-paid envelope that had to be accepted by authorities. These methods were time-consuming and in many cases, discouraged the artist from getting into the competition. With our competitions at the art show international, every budding artist can compete!

  • Entry fees? Not a problem anymore!

International art contest and fees have always been synonyms to each other. The hopes of getting features would surely take a dig at your pocket as the entry fees for participating artists were higher. Along with this, artists would also have to go through additional charges, like mailing, framing, insuring, printing, and packaging the artwork to the physical gallery. Sadly, when unsold, the art would be returned with the charges on it.

However, that’s not a problem anymore! The digital format of competitions looks forward to allowing the artists to easily upload their artwork and paintings in the digital art galleries, which are almost free from such charges.

  • Why be confined by the attendees? Let the world be your stage:

The exposure of the artists is far superior in the online art competition, compared to the regular art gallery. When you showcase your art at a physical exhibition, only the guests that have the ticket to your show might be able to enjoy your art. 

However, things are better with our online art galleries. Wonder why? Well, online competitions have a better exposure that is not limited to the attendees of an exhibition. With millions of visitors reaching over a website, getting improved exposure over your art piece is definitely worth the fame and recognition, when compared to regular art galleries.

  • No more confusion around the ‘BIG’ day, get your results online

Online art competitions are proactive when it comes to declaring results. They publish the results online, which are accessible to the competing artists, and the public in general. The traditional art galleries are way behind in announcing the results, as they mail or even post letters.

The competing artists remain curious whether they have secured any position or not. Sometimes, it takes too much time to publish the result of the art competition, which is discouraging for the participating artists.


Art is the greatest form of expression known to humanity, be it portrait, landscape, or abstract. Nowadays, online art contests are becoming viable for artists in every respect. The traditional art galleries have so many complications that it can be demotivating for the participants.

In the future, possibly most art galleries will shift to the online model of competing for its numerous benefits.