Ask These Questions Before Choosing a Translation Company

Growing globally is no more just a dream for small businesses since the void of low budget and no physical presence has been filled by the internet. Now, people are publishing research papers in other countries, companies are launching products in new markets with a foreign language, and even legal documents are easily being transformed, all because of globalization and the internet. 

But for being more logical and targeting precisely, you need to start your journey in a foreign country with the native language. Whether it is a research paper or a legal document, dealing on a global level requires professional translation, and therefore, you must choose translation services. But do you know what to ask from the company that offers translation services?

Let’s find out through this blog post.

Have you worked on a project like this?

If you think the content you are handing over to the translation company is something rare, then it makes sense to ask whether they have worked on such a project earlier or not. You can’t just choose any translation company and ask them to translate a legal paper.

Even translation companies have their expertise, and you should consider the same before hiring them. You can also ask for some sample pieces they have translated in the past, as this will give you a glimpse of the quality of their work and precision. 

Do you have a project manager?

If you think that a translation company is all about a large group of translators working relentlessly to get things done, you are wrong. There are many other professionals in a translation company, but the one who will matter the most to you, apart from the translator, is a project manager. 

Without a project manager, you won’t get your content translated on time, and there can be problems with the quality as well. So, make sure the company providing professional translation services is equipped with experienced project managers.

What is the procedure used by your company?

The type of process a translation company uses for delivering projects affects the overall quality of the project on a vast scale. But since there is no standard procedure for translation, firms have their way of dealing with things. So, never make a final decision on a company without inquiring about the process they use to provide professional translation services.

Some translation firms will keep you involved at every stage of the translation process, while others inform you only after the completion. You can’t put the translation process used by one company over another as it all comes down to personal preference and the final result.

What about the translators?

You might have chosen a translation company with more than a decade of experience, 5-star ratings, and thousands of positive reviews, but in the end, it will be the translator who is going to work on your project. So, in addition to inquiring about the company, you should get details about the qualification of the translators as well. 

Make sure you are working with a translation company with a strict recruitment procedure; otherwise, there will be no use in paying for translation. A reputed translation company should only work with certified, experienced, and highly professional translators. 

Choosing a translation company based on your instinct and Google ratings can put you in trouble. There are thousands of fake reviews and ratings on the internet, and as everyone says, ‘you can’t trust everything on the internet.’ 

So, ask the questions mentioned in this blog post and refine your research process for choosing the best translation company.