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Undoubtedly the top NGO in India, Save the Children has credited itself to have transformed the lives of over 10 million underprivileged children ever since its inception in 2008. It is rightly called the advocate of children’s rights and has served the community by providing all socio-economically backward and vulnerable children with access to education, nutrition, and healthcare benefits.

Working on a global scale in more than 80 countries, Save the Children works towards a better and brighter tomorrow, making this world a better place for our future – children! Let’s understand in detail what makes Save the Children the top NGO in India! Save the Children works with a consistent and heart-wrenching mission statement that is ‘to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives’, along with its vision to ‘build a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development, and participation.

With this zeal, mercy, and clarity at its core, Save the Children has worked in almost 19 states of India, as of December 2018, with many programmes designed for this outreach. They strive to ensure that the children of India not only live a day-to-day existence but also flourish and continue living a hale and hearty lifestyle. Even in the event of disasters, they are always among the first few to act in response, providing life-saving humanitarian aid to the children and their families; staying put in disaster-struck area for a long time taking care of the disaster-stricken with rehabilitation and livelihood support.

Committed to uplifting the downtrodden, Save the Children is present in 80 countries internationally, working to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children, every day. Save the Children runs solely on donations to sustain its projects and continues setting up many more, which is why a person’s support is vital. Any donation made by you – one-time or monthly, will be utilized by the NGO to plan and implement projects that help benefit the disadvantaged children of our nation.

As one of the top NGOs in India, Save the Children functions on a set of values that form the core of the work they do, which are Accountability, Ambition, Collaboration, Creativity and Integrity. The values are deeply embedded in the way they approach, work and pave way for betterment on-ground and behind the scenes – with the government and administration, with their partners, with supporters and with their most crucial stakeholders, the children. Through these values that act like the NGOs DNA, they work to give the marginalized children in India what they rightfully deserve – a healthy and happy childhood. You too could supplement this excellent cause and be a hero in your own way – donate or volunteer with the top NGO in India!

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