Automatic ID card: How to generate multiple ID card in Micro Soft Excel?

When we print the ID card and we have to do it in large numbers then it is important to know how to do it at in a single go.

A file on an excel sheet could be large or small in size, but if the file is related to school the obviously large number of students would be there in a list. Order now an ID card printer in Dubai!

Columns in an excel sheet

Let us assume a list in an excel sheet where there are the columns named as Serial Number, Name, Designation, Father’s Name, Designation, Gender, Address, Mobile Number and Photo is given. To print multiple ID cards we have to take help from Micro Soft Word and for this you can out the link of photo in the row dedicated for the individual. To put the link in the place there is a short key ctrl in conjunction with K.

How to take links into the Photo cell for each row to make it appropriate for a card printer in Dubai?

The photographs of the individuals should be saved in a folder and all the pics must be of the same size. So once the button ctrl is pressed with letter K then a window of folder will open designer wall clocks. All the pics should be saved with its original name to avoid any mistake and the size of pic should be according to the layout of ID card. You keep coming down through each cell of the column one by one and you will get path to reach picture file appropriate for that cell on an excel sheet and once you will click on that picture the link will be automatically pasted into that cell.

The links are shown with the single back slash, so we will replace it with the double back slash. The work can be done after selecting the links with single back slash and replacing it with the double back slash with the help of ctrl and F and then we can save this file.

Use of MS word done by ID card printing services in Dubai

Select a blank word file and adjust the margin. Now you have to decide that you have to generate ID card in Portrait or Landscape. If we will go for landscape mode then on one page two ID cards will come in a single row. According to it we have to insert the table, if we have to do portraits then you can have 3 cells in a row, and if the landscape is to be done then there will be two cells in one row.

If portrait is to be done then 3 will come on a page, but if landscape is to be done then 4 to 5 would come on a single page.

So let us take Portrait as an example and in this case 9 pics will come on a single page. Then the rows must be selected and complete height should be increased and if you would like to make border then you can adjust it. Get plastic ID card printer Dubai!

Now you have to design only an ID card into a cell, and start off all this with selection shapes as per the decided layout given on the ID card. So once the format of an ID card is developed into a single cell then we need to fill the empty cells with the same format.

Go to mailings option given on header the Micro Soft page window and then go to start mail merge into the mailing tab and then click on label. Now the label should be turned on and you have to select undo. You will reach to the page and you have to select option update mailing. Then you will find that all the cells are filled with the same ID format. Now with the help of mail merge and excel sheet fill all the ID cards for different individuals in a single go and your ID is ready for the print.