Automotive CRM – How To Get More Sales

Automotive CRM – How To Get More Sales

Those days are gone when people visit showrooms to check out their favorite cars. These days the same activity is done online. Potential buyers go through the various options available and accordingly take a decision or confirm a previous one.

Let’s say someone wants to buy a car. In that case, the person will need to browse through a cluster of websites and examine the reviews, videos, feedback, and other buyers’ opinions. The person might also consider taking the suggestion of friends. Still, there is a dilemma. Buying a car involves paying money upfront. Any brand that wants to have a sale will need to engage the prospect first. The dilemma of the buyer will have to be cleared first to earn trust.

This is where Automotive CRM (Customer Relationship Management) comes into the picture. It helps to establish the much-needed trust to stay ahead in the competition. After all, the product has got nothing that can help establish a relationship with a buyer. However, for the sales team, it is possible. The rule is simple. Whoever can connect with the buyer first is at an advantage. An automotive CRM’s role is to extend the sales team the required opportunities for converting into a sale.

The other way round, Automotive CRM is a technology that allows streamlining the sales process in the automotive segment. It helps to bring together the team, process, and related channels thereby increasing the consolidated operational efficiency. It further helps to identify the right prospect and follow up with them on time. It is possible to keep a detailed record of the customer preferences and maintain contact post-sales, including up to the time until a customer is ready to purchase again.

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The moment a prospect is added to the CRM, the person becomes a part of the sales process that has been specifically designed to fast track probable buyers. Let us now take a look at how an Automotive CRM works. In the automobile sector, the web page can generate considerable traffic. A lot of inquiries and leads are captured on a daily basis. However, in terms of sales, the numbers are dismal. An automotive CRM can help make things easy and help achieve a rising sales graph. Explained below is the step by step approach of an automotive CRM:

Capturing Of Leads

The application or the system can capture leads from various channels, whether web pages, social media, ads, or perhaps off-line means.

Tracking Of Leads

The application can track each visitor and capture their likes and interests along with how much time they are spending on a particular page of the web site. Therefore, it becomes easy to determine that visitors are actual people and are not just traffic.

Distribution and Segmentation of Leads

The automotive CRM can help segment the leads as per the prospect’s interests based on the location and accordingly distribute among the sales team.

Prioritization and Lead Scoring

The application is capable of assigning a lead score as per the activity of a visitor on the site. For example, if the visitor spends more time on the pricing page, the application will assign a high lead score and prioritize the lead. It can streamline the sales process and also increases efficiency.

Track Sales Conversation

For each of the leads, the software is capable of keeping track of the entire conversation. Accordingly, the system generates a report that functions as a valuable input for understanding the leads. It incorporates exclusive opportunities to connect with the prospect based on specific preferences.

Dynamic Forms

During the first conversation, the sales team will make a note of all the details to have an understanding of the expectations of the prospect. Let’s say a prospect is interested in Mercedes S Class. The team will throw various queries for a detailed understanding. However, automotive CRM would transform this into a targeted approach. The prospect will be shown only those questions related to that particular model. That way, the process becomes much simpler and efficient. It helps to avoid asking queries to the prospect that are irrelevant.

Multiple Follow-Up

The CRM ensures that none of the scheduled follow-ups is missed. All alerts, emails, text messages, and notifications are reminded on time. Thus, the sales team is well connected with the leads for the entire journey.

Identification of Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Opportunities

Post a sale, the CRM can help identify potential up-sell and cross-sell opportunities like an insurance for the car.

360 Degrees View

Since all the reports can be integrated into the CRM, it is possible to track the buyer’s complete purchase journey easily. Going ahead can help to design future marketing plans more effectively.

There is no doubt that a specific automotive CRM, or even a CRM for small business, can go a long way to realize the dream of getting high bookings with just a fraction of the effort than traditional methods.