Avail the Services of the Top-Rated BIS Consultants India

Are you looking for legal solutions and the guidance of BIS Law Consultants? If yes, then you can search online or some of the best law firms that offer HR legal solutions as well as the services of a Law consultant in the field of product standardization.

What is BIS?

BIS or Bureau of Indian Standards is an apex organization for standardization that was formed under the BIS act 2016. It shoulders the responsibility of enabling the people to avail standardized products in India. It also covers establishing, certifying, and regulating Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme (FMSC) hallmarking.

Things to keep in Mind

Before hiring any law firm for its legal services or consultancy for BIS registration, you must check their website to see whether they offer the following services:

  • BIS Product Registration
  • ISI Certification
  • Assistance with FMCS
  • Hallmarking
  • TAC Approval
  • WMI Code Certification
  • UL Certification

Moreover, check whether they provide services and support in Quality Control and Quality Assurance processes. Always opt for the companies that are customer-centric and have experience in functioning as a consultancy and a good reputation amongst clients. You can also check the reviews in their site for the people who have already taken up their services.

The BIS Certification Process

  • The testing of the product as per Indian Standards
  • The submission of application to BIS for a license.
  • The visit of BIS officials to the factory.
  • The submission of product samples accompanies the Audit visit by BIS officials to the workshop to certified labs for testing.
  • The granting of the Certification if the results of site and lab visit are favourable.
  • The awarding of the license or registration number after the payment of the fee.
  • The regular renewal of the license is important.


For choosing the BIS Consultants India verify:

  • Whether they have an experienced team comprising professionals with expertise in the BIS Certification process.
  • Whether they guarantee to assign a project manager to be the one-point contact for all issues ranging from registration to certification.
  • Whether they possess the domain knowledge, are reliable, and have a good repute in the market. Check the customer reviews on their website.
  • Whether they maintain transparency in the matters related to payment and whether they charge some hidden cost or not.
  • Whether they offer integrated services that encompass all issues. So, that BIS Consultants India itself serves as the single entity in resolving all issues instead of referring the case to other entities.



So, if you are looking for any Law Consultant of a Delhi-based law firm or law firm around Delhi, then you can search online to get the specific results. You will come across several options. But you have to make the decision wisely by analysing the services of all companies. The BIS Consultant India would ensure the BIS registration which without the guidance of a learned and experienced professional is difficult to attain. If the concerned company has a stronghold over these issues, then it is the right decision to seek their assistance instead of trying to handle the situation all by yourself.