Back To School Looks – Dresses For Girls

Creating a perfect look shouldn’t make you feel stressed; putting together outfits daily for your school should be a fun thing. The important thing to keep in mind is that your dress for school should be as simple as possible. It’s best to keep it casual yet trendy and avoid overdoing things.

The latest “back-to-school” look includes trendy outfits from the new summer collection, cute hairstyles, minimal makeup, and the latest teenage fashion inspirations. So let’s jump into the comprehensive guide of what your first day at school should be like.

Cute outfit ideas for the classroom

Classroom routine can be made a little less stressful for teenagers, with the cool yet fun dressing combinations. There are several options of tops for girls which can be worn including plain tee’s, striped t-shirts, or plain buttoned-down shirts, and out these all denim shirts are the best and sassiest! So show off your fashion sense and style by pairing either of these shirts with black or blue skinny jeans, trending flat sneakers, and a cool backpack for an effortlessly dapper appearance. Add some chunky or intricate metallic jewellery and wear a headband and let loose those locks above your shoulders.

Stay cool in the cold weather

When the weather gets chilly, you can add layers on top of shirts for girls to wear to their campus. A leather or denim jacket again would be a simple yet classy option. For instance, a black leather jacket on top of a neutral shaded sweatshirt or sweater, paired with cuffed skinny jeans would be ideal “back to school” attire. This attire can also be created for boys by adding a striped digital print shirt or color block shirt to add some interest to the overall outfit, along with lace-up boots or sneakers.

Layering T-shirts

Boys can play around with their t-shirts from a variety of summer clothes and create a retro 90’s style. They can consider a long sleeve t-shirt and a shirt combo, for the perfect 90’s street style. Another combo they can consider wearing is the collared shirt under an oversized t-shirt. In the end, add some accessories such as a silver chain or two for an ultra-cool appearance. Moreover, this combination of layered shirts is an excellent option for transitional weather as well.

Sporty vibe done right

To show off your athletic side, you can choose getups that have a sporty vibe. For instance an oversized cricket or football player ready to wear a t-shirt or hoodie along with fitted tights and sneakers. This combination is simple to create and is great for all sports lovers in the institutes.

Checkered shirts

A checkered shirt is a classic outfit for the classroom, and you can get one for yourself from any of the online stores in Pakistan. These shirts are easy to style for both girls and boys. You may also wear a plain shirt underneath, and roll up your sleeves for casual attire.

Style tip: Girls can make a high ponytail and add a hint of lip gloss for final touches. On the other hand, boys can create a sleek appearance with their gelled back hair, and a raver necklace to complete the look.

Stonewashed or ripped jeans

Stonewashed jeans or ripped jeans are staple clothing items for all teenagers. These can be styled with any kind of shirt or latest dress for girls.  Girls can wear a pair of fishnet tights or any other bright colored tights under your ripped jeans for a bold and edgy look.

Pret dresses for teen boys and girls

Well, teenagers love to experiment with their wardrobes; hence dresses may also be added to the list. Girls love wearing pret dress to show off their style and dressing sense and be praised in return. On the other hand, boys want the same. So summers are all about creating fresh and new looks. Online clothes shopping is a great option as you can select from an array of clothes that are also up to date in terms of fashion.

Makeup and Hairstyle

Well, let’s be honest, if our teacher ever found us wearing a lip tint or even a light coat of mascara, we were doomed for life!

However, with recent trends, a light coat of mascara and tinted gloss is a forever fashion statement. So girls get ready this summer to slay with your collection of online dresses, backpack and sneakers for schools.

Moreover, a high ponytail is a top-rated hairstyle after side flicks and fish ponytails and loose curls. Anything that looks effortless, neat and subtle is considered a good hairstyle for the school.


Clothing is not the only thing that makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. You can add some accessories to your overall outfit to make it look interesting. For instance, chunky bracelets, necklaces, earrings, shiny tattoos, colored hair sprays, rings, tag pins, etc., can make a boring outfit look even more interesting and eye-catchy.