Basic Rules Of Texas Hold’em Poker- A Beginner’s First-Hand Guide

Enthralled to enjoy some Poker play online on the top gaming sites of India? Most newbies to online gaming tend to pick Texas Hold’em Poker as their preferred choice to test their gaming skills since its the simpler version to learn and get the hang of poker. So, far uninterrupted gaming fun with friends and family online, let’s take a dig at the fundamental rules to Play Texas Hold’em Poker Online.

Every player in this game gets two hole cards, and the dealer keeps 3 community cards on the poker table in a face-up position. The gameplay always begins in the clockwise direction from the left of the dealer button. Two players starting from the left need to add pot values known as the small and the big blinds. Then, the real poker action begins.

Rules To Play Texas Hold’em Poker Game

Any variant of Poker is easy to learn once you are equipped with the game’s hand ranking, strategies, rules, and sequences. Go for a trusted Poker site and pick from the diverse free or real money poker games online. With a few tabs, you can start enjoying the game from the comfort of your home. So, lets take a look at the structure of the game before you get down to it.

The Button

It’s a specified button that indicates the dealer managing  any game of poker. As per the rules, the player at the button will act last for all the post-flop streets. After each hand completion, the position of the button moves towards the left. It is an indicatory tab that decides the motion of the small blind and the hands after that.

The Blinds

Before each hand, two players at the dealer’s left must place stakes, also known as blinds. The first player after the dealer decides the sum of small blinds while the following player decides the big blind. The amount of big blind is normally double that of the small blind.

Other Rules of Poker

  • The primary objective of Texas Hold ’em Poker is to come up with an ultimate 5-card winning poker sequence using the two hole cards and 3-5 community cards. 
  • While the hole cards stay concealed until the showdown, the community cards are common, and players try to use various poker tactics for creating the best possible sequence.
  • There are three phases or rounds in which the community cards are placed on the poker table known as the Flop, the Turn and the River. 
  • The Flop refers to the community cards unleashed after the first round of placing stakes. With the Turn round, the fourth community card gets added to the squad, and the River means when the 5th community card gets added towards the final round of the poker game. 
  • Possible winning sequences in Texas Hold ’em Poker online are:

  • 2 Hole Cards+ 3 Community cards
  • 1 Hole card+ 5 Community Cards
  • No Hole Card+ 5 Community cards

Important Terminologies Of Texas Hold ’em Poker

  • Call- It refers to matching the wagering range with the posted sum of big blinds.
  • Raise- Increasing the wagering limits for the next player in line.
  • Fold- Discarding or surrendering the current Poker hands if they are not good enough to play further.
  • Pre-Flop- The round before the Flop where the 3 community cards are not yet placed on the felts.
  • Showdown- Once all the players reveal their hand rankings and the dealer determines the winner, its known as the showdown.

Wrapping Up

Texas Hold ’em Poker online is a game of skill, patience and perseverance. Making a transition from a beginner to a pro poker player needs a lot of tact and assessment of poker odds and probabilities. Always begin with small wagering limits to avoid draining out on your bankrolls initially.  The ropes of Poker can strengthen once you know when to bluff and play aggressively in real money games.

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