Battery Shades or Hardwired Shades – Which are best?

Earlier shades and blinds were available with cords. One had to use the cords for lowering and raising the window treatments and the cords often became dangled by the window. There are many disadvantages to using these blinds. First, the dangling cords are not aesthetically a very pleasing sight as they give a crowded look to the windows. They also are a serious health hazard with pets, kids and older people.

With modernization, window treatments like battery shades arrived in the market. Motorization in shades provides great comfort and convenience in operating them. They are also aesthetically beautiful and enhance any interior décor. Now, motorized window treatments can be hardwired or battery operated. Both of these types have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Which is a better choice?

Automated shades can operate either through hardwire or battery. Hardwired shades are provided with power adapters which need to be plugged into a wall outlet. The battery ones, as can be understood by the name itself, operate using batteries.

The greatest benefit of battery-driven blinds is that there are no wires. These blinds are totally wireless and hence, are aesthetically pleasing. Battery shades are an ideal choice for hard-to-reach windows. Operation of windows that are located high above is very tough and using wired shades for these windows becomes a difficult task. Therefore, blinds with batteries are the right choice for high windows as they can be easily installed and operated. Moreover, windows do not have to be located near the power source.

However, there are also certain disadvantages of having battery-powered blinds. Operation of these blinds consumes energy and hence, batteries have to be frequently replaced. This is not only an expensive affair but also is annoying since you will have to take down the blinds every time for battery replacement. Again, for large blinds, batteries are not the right choice. On the contrary, hardwired shades are ideal for large blinds as they ensure smooth operation. Since these shades run on electricity, there is no chance of a battery running out all of a sudden.

There are some drawbacks of hardwired shades as well. The main  problem is that the window should be located near a power source. Wires of hardwired blinds are quite visible. Finally, installation is also a great hassle unlike battery shades.