Beginner’s Guide to Protein Shakes for Maximum Results

If you happen to read this, chances are you have been looking for a proper guide to help you carry out the new workout schedule. It can be daunting at first to begin and continue with a new workout and diet regime. Be it losing weight, bodybuilding, or gaining weight, none of them is very easy.

It takes a lot of effort, willpower, and dedication to stick to one new simple regime. When starting a new routine, you might get sore muscles in the beginning for suddenly starting to work out heavily. YOu might also develop certain deficiencies in your diet as a lot of energy goes behind those hours at the gym.

In such situations, you need an energizer that will keep you alive and focused all day. Protein powders are your best bet in such cases. You can easily avail the best protein powder from an online supplements store to help you with your new routine. 

Given below are some benefits of having the best probiotic drinks and supplements. 

Why Would You Need Protein Supplements?

Food sources like chicken, duck, fish, eggs, meat, quinoa, milk, and nuts are enriched with protein. But sometimes, including them in your diet does not suffice for the required amount of protein. You might need to start taking probiotic supplements for various instances like:

  • You need more calories in your diet to gain some weight, as you have a below-average BMI. Being skinny is not harmful, but only up to the point where you have a decent BMI.
  • The amount of protein you consume is not enough for your body even after having enough of the food sources. Your doctor might recommend having some of the best protein powder alongside having an exercising routine. 
  • The ready-made nature of protein shakes appeals to you more than making full-course meals, including chicken, fish, and eggs. You want to save some time and relax sipping on a probiotic drink rather than spending hours in the kitchen preparing for a calorie-heavy meal. 
  • You are en route to a weight-loss journey where you want to shun all the unhealthy meals with a protein shake. 


In the above-mentioned situations, you might need some additional supplements in protein drinks and the best pre-workout routine. The additional supplements play as a catalyst in your weight-loss/weight-gain journey, given the fact you are also sleeping and eating well. 

The key is to follow a strict routine comprising healthy lifestyle choices like having enough quality sleep, having regular meals, and so on. It will not be easy to stick to this regimen at first, but gradually you will start getting used to the routine when you will see some visible outcome. The outcomes are bound to happen if you stay true to the routine and to yourself. 

Types of Protein Supplements and their Uses

There are a few options that you will encounter while purchasing protein powders. Take a look at the options to find out which suits you the best!

  • Casein Protein

Casein protein contains amino acids and is a byproduct of milk. It gets absorbed by the body at a slower rate than others like whey protein. Consuming protein powder infused with casein might help you to build muscles sooner than usual. 

  • Whey Protein

Whey protein is more widely used in protein powders and supplements, and so it is readily available in the market. It gets absorbed by the body faster than previously mentioned casein protein. Its nature of getting absorbed quickly makes it an excellent choice for an after-workout drink. 

It contains all the vital amino acids required by your body and is basically a byproduct of milk after curdling then straining.

  • Egg Protein

There are protein powders available out there made of egg protein. Individuals who are not restricted to a vegan diet can always have such types of protein powder. 

In case you want to have a vegan or vegetarian diet, some plant-based proteins are given below for reference.

  • Rice Protein

About two tablespoons of rice protein powder contain enough of all the essential amino acids for a healthy diet. You can also mix it with pea protein to have the ultimate protein mixture to include in your daily routine. Many brands out there have launched their rice protein powder, so there are multiple options for you in both the online and offline market. 

  • Pea Protein

Pea protein powder is a beneficial choice for vegan athletes as it serves a lot of the essential nutrients required by your body. In terms of benefits, you can compare it to whey protein as it helps to build muscles faster. It comes specifically from the yellow split pea containing high amounts of protein. 

  • Soy Protein

It is made from soybeans by defatting and dehulling it. Soy protein is known as the protein isolated from soybeans. Since it is made from a legume, it is devoid of cholesterol and has low amounts of saturated fat. 

  • Hemp Protein

This type of protein is obtained from the seeds of a cannabis plant. However, there is nothing to worry about it because hemp protein is devoid of any THC. It comes with a huge source of nutrients comprising zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and iron. 

Things to Ensure Before Purchasing a Protein Powder

  • Getting started with a new routine is not easy, so choose flavors of the protein powder according to your liking. Flavors of your taste can motivate you to stick to the routine.
  • Make your protein powder purchase from a trustable brand.
  • Make sure the ingredient list has a minimal amount of elements like artificial flavoring and color. 


The best workout and diet plan helps you move through your journey of getting fit smoothly. A good workout schedule or a diet is not enough to lose those extra few pounds. Along with modifying your diet and exercise plans according to the need of the body, you need to make healthy lifestyle habits. The role of protein supplements is to give you the boost for reaching your health goals sooner.