Best 5G Smartphones in India you can Buy in 2021


A year ago, 5G technology was the buzzword. Anyone that was associated with the tech world wanted to know more about 5G connectivity, and how it would change and reshape our world. It seemed like all we could talk about was 5G technology, as countries raced to win what was then described as the ‘Race to 5G’. 2020 also witnessed smartphone brands jumping on the bandwagon, providing 5G-enabled smartphones at various price points.

While it initially started with premium devices, we also witnessed pocket-friendly devices that were 5G-enabled. OnePlus Nord changed the game, as it was the first mid-range, and more importantly, affordable smartphone that was 5G-enabled. Today, however, you can find plenty of options in the mid-range segment.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new 5G mobile, we’ve curated a list of phones you can look into.

Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro

Built to impress, this model has exceeded the expectations of consumers in India with their in-built cooling system that results in a more optimal device performance. Despite claims that suggest that there is no lag, refresh rates and lags have been reported by phone owners. However, their drool-worthy camera and design overrule all the frustration that accompanies this phone. It has even been rated as one of the best 5G phones one can own by some consumers in specific states in India.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Slowly but steadily paving its way into our pockets, Huawei has begun dominating the smartphone world with its notable physical design. The absence of bezels, paired with its ultra-curved screen edges accommodates the viewing needs of all gamers. Furthermore, its quad-finger control system and virtual volume turner not only brews excitement amongst gamers, but also wins the hearts of left-handed consumers, because of its double tapping and scrolling mechanism from both sides of the phone.

Realme Narzo 10 and X50

Surprising many with its appearance on this list, Realme has stepped up in its specification game. These 5G phones from the brand ensure that consumers have the ‘whole experience’, with about 20,000 earphone and USB plug-in tests and 10,000 drop tests. The Realme Narzo 10, in specific, has displayed real promise with its 5,000 mAh battery, in addition to its 39-day standby accommodation.

Samsung Galaxy S20

As rumours began to spark about Samsung’s inability to live up to its own standards, Samsung launched the S11 (which was rebranded as S20) that stumped consumers in India. Marking the end of 2020 as all-that-was-bad, and hoping for new prospects in 2021, Samsung pledges to revolutionize the smartphone landscape with its jaw-dropping camera features that adapt to dark sceneries, with its ‘night mode’ property, capturing night scenes better than other smartphones. Additionally, their avant-garde artificial intelligence equipment stabilizes videos like an action camera.

Apple iPhone 12

Launched in October 2020, the voracious appetites of various consumers were satisfied with the ease this device provides in terms of its usage. Dominating in the gaming facilities department, its ultrawide camera lens, and overall sleek design pique the interest of many consumers. Many have reported that its auto image stabilization feature, in addition to its advanced red-eye correction closely competes with the recent range released by Samsung. Taking it a step further, the iPhone has also tested the environmental limits on this phone by taking it 10,000 feet above land. Finally, this phone is also known for its convenience due to the provision of dual slim slots.

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