Best Apps to Make Video Lessons Easily

Video lessons are one of the growing trends in education, thanks to the greater accessibility achieved by the deployment of webinars, free and educational events streamed. Teaching via video also allows the expansion of one’s audience on a potentially global scale, implying benefits and popularity not only for students but also for the speakers themselves. Countless people around the world are currently taking an online course, ensuring the even greater potential for this training medium to spread.

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That’s why we are going to offer you 5 apps for iPad that will allow you to embrace the trend by creating short but effective video lessons in just a few minutes!

1. Educreations

The app gives you the option to record short videos that include the speaker’s voice, texts (including handwritten), drawings that can be made in 10 different shades, animated images and photos. However, the real strength is the ease of sharing: the lessons can be posted intuitively on Facebook and Twitter, sent via email, or embed on blogs and websites. Alternatively, you can also create an account on and decide who can see them.

2. ScreenToGif

ScreenToGif can record the desktop screen, edit a little image, add text and images and save it as a GIF animation as well as video files.

It is software that can record desktop operations, and after recording, you can swap, delete, and add frames, cut, flip / rotate, add text, edit such as freehand writing, blur, sepia and other filters. You are able to change settings such as the number of loops for GIF animation and whether to include the mouse cursor.

In addition, there is a whiteboard that can record webcam recordings and pen tool depictions and can save in AVI / MP4 / WEBM / WMV formats in addition to GIF animation.

3. RecordCast

RecordCast Screen Recorder is a web video capture software that allows you to record your video lessons and edit them by adding text or other elements to emphasize a little explanation. It is an online tool without any downloads required to use it.

Any application, full screen, any browser tab area can be flexibly detected and captured. Web cameras can also be targeted for shooting. Video captures can be saved via WebM and MP4 and shared on the web. Although it is completely FREE, it has no restrictions. You can up to 30 minutes and edit to export up to 1 hour long without a watermark (logo) and ads.

4. Free Screen Capturer

Free Screen Capturer helps people take screen captures of both still images and videos easily. Select the range (entire desktop, active window, window, rectangular range), mode (still image/video), and save format from capture.

If you are going to capture an image, you can copy it to the clipboard, save the image (PNG / BMP / JPG / GIF / TIFF), attach it to an email, and print it. With video capture, you can record with audio and save and print as WMV / AVI. Free user registration is required to use this software.

5. Renee Screen Recorder

Renee Screen Recorder supports schedule settings and allows recording with watermarks. It is software that can capture videos with text and images.

You can record to full screen, any range, webcam and save in FLV / MP3 / AVI / WMV format. “Automatic recording” to schedule recording at a specified time, daily, weekly time, include/exclude mouse cursor, set click sound and effect, take a screenshot (PNG / JPG / BMP). It also supports hotkey operations.

Originally paid software has been made free of charge, and although there are some major parts such as notation and operation, you can use some functions for free. This software is shareware, but you can try it for free. In the trial version, there is a watermark displayed in the center of the recorded video.


Listen to me carefully: I’ve already helped dozens of authors or professionals like you make video lessons with these simple, practical tools… and you can be next.

Do not wait any longer. Go ahead to take a look at them and choose the one that meets your needs. With the help of those tools above, you will become an export to make your video lessons easily in just a few minutes.