Best Arthroscopy Doctor in Chandigarh

To make a diagnosis, the orthopedist always begins with: the collection of symptoms, anamnesis (or clinical history ), and physical examination (or physical examination).

Then, depending on the circumstances, it could continue its investigations by prescribing:

  • Examinations of imaging, such as’ ultrasound musculoskeletal, the X-rays, MRI or CT scan (rare).
  • Laboratory tests for the detection of rheumatic diseases.
  • Endoscopic examinations in arthroscopy (diagnostic arthroscopy), carried out by the same orthopedist.

Generally, the orthopedist’s physical examination includes a series of manual evaluation maneuvers, valid for the final diagnosis. These manual evaluation maneuvers vary concerning the affected anatomical district and confirm the symptoms reported by the patient.

In a patient who complains of pain in the knee, the orthopedist performs a series of manual maneuvers useful to test the health of all the knee joint components to understand what is likely to produce the pain.

The modern arthroscopy in Chandigarh has the necessary preparation to perform:

  • Arthroscopic interventions for the repair of joint damage (e.g., reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament after rupture )
  • Osteotomy procedures for the correction of a bone deformity (e.g., hallux valgus correction)
  • Joint prosthesis grafts in place of worn joints (e.g., knee prosthesis and hip prostheses)
  • Operations of bone fusion and joint fusion ( arthrodesis) to recover from osteoarticular damage that cannot be resolved with other therapies (e.g., spinal fusion and arthrosis of the ankle)
  • Internal fixation surgery to remedy a bone fracture
  • Operations of suturing of a tendon or a muscle to deal with incidents of tendon or muscle tear
  • Surgery to remove a bone tumor
  • Regenerative medicine procedures for the regeneration of worn cartilage surfaces (e.g., transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells in the knee)

The surgical skills become an indispensable resource when conservative therapy has proved ineffective or cannot heal the present medical condition.