Best Attractions to Enjoy When Eyeing the Beach Scenery in Florida – Top Activities to Do

Beaches, soft sands, warm weather, and amazing scenery to gaze at for long hours – that’s Florida for me. Whenever someone says Florida, beaches and more beaches pop inside and the mind just cannot wait to be at those mesmerizing beaches. Do you want to plan a vacation to Florida? Are you looking for vacation rentals in Florida that are pet-friendly? Whatever your concern may be, the top vacay rentals here in Florida will keep you ecstatic, excited, and guessing till the very end.

Why Florida Rentals?

Simply because of the sunshine state’s incredible beaches and why else? Just kidding, there are tons more to explore when you finally arrive at the land of soft sands, beautiful sunsets, and the best pet friendly vacation rentals in florida, so you can take your four-legged friend along. No waiting for nannies, finding shelters, boarding’s, and other such headaches. When going to Florida beaches, there are very few things you would need to plan in advance. As you advance you’ll be hosted by an influence of beaches that rule the very heart of the City of Florida.

Make peace with the serene and picturesque beaches around and visit the best attraction in the City of Florida – the Madeira beach.

Madeira Beach Vacation Rentals

Just west of St. Petersburg, at the Gulf of Mexico, Madeira is a beach city with a host of exciting attractions for people coming from all across the country as well as the world. It is one of the finest attractions that the people of Florida take pride in displaying and welcoming people to spend some of the best and relaxing days of their lives.

Why Madeira beach vacation rentals must be an option or a must-do-activity on your itinerary? Because of the following things you can indulge in when booking a Madeira beach vacation rental for your friends or family.

Top attractions and activities at Madeira Beach:

  • Parasail Flight – first and foremost the best adventure activity taking place at Madeira beach is a parasail flight available for adults and kids alike. Enjoy eagle-parasailing and more with the help of top professionals.
  • Sunset Cruise – if you’re into mellower activities, this one’s definitely for you. Enjoy the full might of the beautiful Florida sunset aboard a cruise ship.
  • Dolphin Shelling & Snorkeling – dolphins are probably one of the smarter kinds when it comes to marine and ocean beings. Enjoy shelling and deep-dive snorkeling at the waterfronts on Madeira beach and feel closer to nature.
  • John’s Pass Village & Boardwalk – being one of the most iconic and inspiring places at Madeira beach, John’s Pass Village and boardwalk symbolizes the discovery of the John’s Pass waterway following the Great Gale of 1848 and prepares its residents for hurricane season. Enjoy pirate-boat rides, a game of pirate’s bowl, etc.
  • Alligator-attraction Wildlife Center – do you love wildlife? Then don’t miss this amazing wildlife center at Madeira beach where you can spot a distinct variety of alligators.
  • Remember our Children R-O-C Park – this ROC Park has everything you will need to distract your children while you take a tour of the island. From baseball nets, basketball courts, tennis courts, to other top facilities this place is for children from top to bottom.
  • The Florida Winery – while your children enjoy a game of tennis or get their energy going at the biggest playgrounds of Florida, you can have a go at the Florida winery. The shop offers a variety of wine, wine coolers, cheese trays, apart from other unique items to purchase and take back home.
  • The Twisted Tower – feeling twisted after the enticing, yet tiring, journey to the various destinations across the Madeira beach? Get your smoking needs here at the Twisted Tower and give yourself a break from all the hustle-bustle.
  • Moonfish Bay Artist Studio & Gallery – you can also entertain yourself by looking at some of the top paintings and art dedicated to the beaches and the beautiful scenery around.
  • Other attractions – there are other options, such as vacation rentals in Florida that are pet-friendly. You can stay there, order food, relax with your dogs, and just make the most of your vacation.

Madeira Beach vacation rentals offer you the opportunity to explore at your own pace. You can relax and retire at your vacay rental here and then continue after fully recharging your batteries.