3 Best Brick Breaker Games for Android

Do you have an Android device and love to play cool classic arcade games like brick breaker games? Or are you looking for some offline, easy-to-play brick blast games? If you are, you are at the right place now. Below are the 3 best brick breaker games that you can play anytime anywhere for having delightful fun. Moreover, the games are suitable for everyone including kids and adults.

So, let’s check the games below fast without wasting any more time …

Ball Block Breaker – Breakout Brick Games

Ball Block Breaker - Breakout Brick Games

Ball Block Breaker – Breakout Brick Game is our first pick that’s full of classic brick gaming delight. It’s free, fun, full of amazing in-game bonuses, and suitable for not only brick-breaker game fans but also anyone who wants to have some fun with instantly playing a simple game!

Just like classic brick breaker games, the gameplay is simple. Keep the ball bouncing by sliding the paddle at the bottom and the ball will bounce and break the brick wall. Once, the entire brick wall will break with no bricks left, you’ll move to the next level. So, keep the ball bouncing, break the bricks, and you’ll be fine. But if you fail to keep the ball on the paddle and it falls under, you’ll lose.

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Ancient Bricks

Ancient Brick is a fantastic brick breaker game where you can go on a journey through an ancient temple for collecting as many treasures as you can. There are 240 beautifully handcrafted levels and 192 challenging levels to discover in tombs or venture below into the mine where the deeper you get the more precious treasures!

As well as, also discover 6 different labyrinths containing 240 unique chambers and 192 mysterious tombs. Just break all bricks in a chamber to complete the level and use the paddle wisely to collect the falling treasurers and power-ups. If you like ancient fantasy while playing a brick breaker game on your Android, you should try this one for sure!

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Brick Breaker Star: Space King

Another popular block breaker game is Brick Breaker — designed with colorful bricks that you obviously love to break. With simple one-hand control, playing it, you can enjoy hundreds of stages of various missions.

Just control the balls using the paddle, hit the bricks to break! There is no limit to play such as Heart, play as much as you can! Also, 5 kinds of various items and items reinforcement systems, requires no data connection, supports Google Play Leaderboards, Achievement, Multiplay, and 14 languages. A great pick for classic brick break game lovers!

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