Best Eid Dresses Shopping Experience Online

I love the vibes traditional clothes give especially Indian and Pakistani ones. I have lived and been born here in the UK. From my childhood, I have been wearing western clothes. But some years ago, I became so interested in traditional wear. I have a lot of super nice desi friends. They invite me to their every traditional occasion, be it eid, a wedding event or Diwali. I think of them as the contributor for developing interest in their traditions and culture. Their food is also amazing but the multi-colored vibrant clothes are sight to behold. I am going to celebrate this Eid with them too. And have done my eid shopping. I bought this year’s eid clothing from Libas e Jamila.


Due to my interest, I have researched a little bit about it. I have found out these dresses in their eid clothes 2021 collection is truly originated from the Mughal era. And these are the popular choices for eid clothing among natives. I love to flaunt myself in multicolor embroidered and great embellishments. My friends find my attraction to their traditions amazing. If you are a person like me interested in desi clothes. I suggest you to checkout the latest eid clothes 2021 collection and pamper yourself with these captivating designs of dresses.


Although every traditional dress fascinates me, eid clothing has a special place in my heart. Nothing can beat the elegance when it comes to Pakistani ethnics wear for its splendor and feminine looks.


Pushing boundaries with Libas e Jamila

So, you must be thinking why I prefer Libas e Jamila. Long story short, my journey with it started when I decided to visit Pakistan. It was for the wedding of a very close friend of mine. He invited me and I planned my visit there. Alongside the preparation of other things, I wanted to dress properly in traditional attire and actually wanted to surprise him. I did a little research and asked some other friends for suggestions. Everyone I asked in my circle recommended this brand.


I thought there must be something special about this store that everyone wants me to buy myself desi clothes from there. So, I opened this website and started looking. Every piece of cloth got my attention. In the scroll of just a minute I ordered five dresses. When I received them, my happiness was indescribable; When I went to Pakistan and dressed up in them. A Lot of people complimented my perfect choice and my friend was stunned. Everyone appreciated my effort of trying to blend in.

Eid clothes 2021 to unlock your inner elegance

From all the clothes I have bought from there till date. This one is my personal favorite. Firstly, its bright color caught my eye. And then the print of flower patterns on the shirt and dupatta. The golden colored border of the dupatta and shirt looks very unique. I have ordered this for eid.  When I showed it to my friends. They also had the same positive thoughts about it. Even one of my BFF gifted me gorgeous earrings to pair with this attire.


About five years back if you had a look of my wardrobe you would not find a single piece of traditional clothing. But now more than half of my closet is full with desi dresses. There are different factors that resulted in this. The one worth mentioning here is Libras e Jamila. I just found out the name of this brand is an Arabic word which literally means “Beautiful Dress” They have huge diversity to choose from. I sometimes pair shirts from their casual wear with jeans to create a classy look.


As I have mentioned I find desi clothes very appealing. So, I like to see what is trending at times. So, the other reason for loving this store is that it always has an up-to-date collection of everything that is veering.  I have found these dresses from them really very comfortable. Their services are great too. Every time I ordered from them; I received my parcel on time. If you have any queries just give them a call. They are available 24/7 to answer your concerns.