5 Best ePub Reader Apps for Android

If you have owned an Android device and like to read books on it, you should have a good application that allows you to read books seamlessly without any hassle. But when it comes to ePub reader, people get confused to choose the right one. Considering this issue, here below we have listed the 5 best ePub reader apps for Android to choose from.

So, let’s have a look at them …

1. eBook Reader Plus

eBook Reader Plus - Your Free Ebook ReadereBook Reader Plus is our first pick on this list which is a free ePub reader app for Android. You can also read pdf file using it. With beautiful design, easy to use navigation and UI, and other cool features and customizations, it is an intuitive eBook reader app for all your reading needs. All the books that are offered in it are free books to all its users. You can easily find books searching by authors or book names from its large database of free books in different categories and genres. Besides that, you can choose whether to read the books online or offline. If you choose offline reading, just download the books you want in PDF or ePub format. Overall, eBook Reader Plus is a nice ePub eBook reader app to read books on your Android.

Download eBook Reader Plus for Android

2. Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko ePub ReaderAldiko Book Reader is one of the most well-known eBook reader apps that features support for EPUB, PDF and Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks. As well as, it also features eBook support for library books on rental. With a clean interface, different customization options, global text searches inside of books, and phone and tablet support, it’s a fine choice for those who like to read on their Android. The free version of it comes with ads but the paid version does not – this is the only difference between the free and paid version.

Download Aldiko Book Reader for Android

3. Media365 Book Reader

Media365 - eBooksMedia365 Book Reader is another popular eBook reader apps that easily supports over three dozen file types, including eBook formats like PDF & ePub, comic book formats, and some unusual formats like WEBP, PSD, PPTX, and others. This app is looked very simple yet awesome due to its quality features and customizations. With material designed, colorful, friendly, and simple UI it’s very unique and ideal for every ebook lover.

Download Media365 Book Reader for Android

4. Moon+ Reader

Moon+ ReaderNow it comes to the Moon+ Reader — one of the best ePub reader apps on the market. Along with the EPUB and PDF format, it also supports a wide range of eBook formats, including MOBI, most comic book formats, and much more. Moreover, it has OPDS support. If you love customizations, this app will give you that. It has ten beautiful themes, auto-scrolling, EPUB3 support, gesture controls, and cross-device syncing via Dropbox. Undoubtedly a great eBook ePub reader app to try out.

Download Moon+ Reader for Android

5. ReadEra

ReadEra - book readerOur last pick is ReadEra — another popular ebook reader app like the above apps. It includes all of the basics, including various reading modes, and support for different ebook formats e. g. PDF, EPUB, MOBI, FB2, WORD, TXT, DJVU, and the super rare CHM. As well as, it has also a split-screen mode so you can read multiple books or documents at the same time. But for split-screen reading, larger screen phones or tablets are the best options. In order to use this app, it doesn’t require any services or anything like that and it’s totally free.

Download ReadEra for Android

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