4 Best Free Solitaire Games for Android

Many people say that classic games are dead today, they are not entertained anymore. But it’s not, actually. There are many of us who still love classic games and the solitaire card game is one of the most popular classic game types. So, if you like solitaire card games to play in your free time to have relaxed or train your brain for a while, here we have listed the 4 best free solitaire games for Android. You better try these games if you have got an Android phone and love solitaire!

Solitaire TriPeaks: Card Games

Solitaire TriPeaks

The Solitaire TriPeaks is one of the most popular solitaire variations having played by lots of people worldwide. If you like to pass a mindful time doing nothing but playing a simple game on your mobile, Solitaire TriPeaks might be a nice pick for you. Everything is automatically set up in the game and ready to go at any time you want.

Due to the beautiful design and colorful graphics, it’s able to provide the best Solitaire TriPeaks gameplay possible. There are lots of levels so you can play as long as you want, also there are other things to enjoy the game more including collecting coins, spinning the wheel to get more coins, changing your avatar, playing slots to win free coins, and watching video ads to get free coins. There you can also get free coins and other gifts when completing levels. You can even save your progress by connecting your Facebook account with it. See, it’s all good so why not try it at first.

Download Solitaire TriPeaks


Pyramid Solitaire Saga

It’s a kind of strategy-based solitaire puzzle game with a world of magic and mystery sofa beds online. There are Helena and her loyal friend Kingsley “gerbil” on their journey to reveal the wonders of the Ancient World and you have to join in the quest. Because Helena needs your help to reignite Khepri’s prophecy.

The mission is to find the clues by catching the Scarabs hidden beneath the cards and solving the cool solitaire puzzles will require great strategy and skills. You can match a card that is higher or lower than the one on your deck, cast spells to aid you in your quest helping to overcome obstacles such as the Mummy Card, as well as, use Powerful magic boosters on hard levels! There are hundreds of magical puzzles and lots of levels complete. It has also Leaderboards and the ability to get synchronized between devices unlock full game features when connected to the Internet.

Download Pyramid Solitaire Saga


Solitaire Play – Card Klondike

If you like to play classic Klondike Solitaire – simple solitaire for FREE, you can try this one. It lets you relax and sharpen your mind while playing anywhere, anytime. The game features Daily Challenge, Special Events, unlimited undo options to make up for your mistakes, shuffling when you are stuck, hints, and more.

The objective of Klondike solitaire is to move all 52 cards into the four Foundation piles along the top from Ace to King. The main ground of the game is called Tableau where you need to build Tableau piles in descending rank and alternating color. But remember, an empty Tableau pile can only be filled with a King or a run of cards that begins with a King. Overall, one of the best classic solitaire card games for Android.

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Solitaire Arena

Solitaire Arena is another great solitaire game with beautiful graphics, customizable card design, and simple yet addictive gameplay. Playing it, you can experience the thrill of Klondike Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, and FreeCell in one place. It’s an online solitaire game with players worldwide, so there is a chance to lead the solitaire leader boards today.

You can play it with friends or real-time opponents from across the globe in exciting tournaments. Choose your favorite characters in different wonderlands visit, or engage in a challenging and thrilling 1VS1 game with online opponents. There are daily, Magic Wands, all-day 8 people tournaments, and more. Undoubtedly a nice classic solitaire with a modern twist!

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