Best HR Business Partner Job Description Templates

The definition of a HR business partner is a seasoned human resource professional that works directly with a company’s senior leadership to develop and direct an HR program that closely supports organizational goals. Rather than working mostly within the internal human resources division, the HR business partner works closely with senior leadership, possibly sitting on the board of supervisors or collaborating frequently with the C-suite. Putting a human resources specialist in close contact with executive leadership makes HR part of their organizational plan. The business partner model for human resources is becoming increasingly more popular among business organizations.

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The part of the HR business partner is to make certain human resource policy and procedure throughout the business fit the needs, goals, and goals of the organization and its top leadership. There is not as much focus on administration, compliance, and management. Rather than performing the daily trainings or dealing with policy wording or the particulars of benefits packages and hiring, the HR business partner works together with the large image.


The person in this position determines and steers the objectives of the human resources section of the company, focusing more on creating strategy instead of executing policy. The HR business partner makes sure that HR strategy fits into the organization’s overall business plan.


The HR business partner is not a vice president, nor is this individual a human resource manager. Instead, an HR business partner is more of a consultant who works in human resources, developing relationships and providing resources in departments throughout the business.


The definition of a business associate comprises any contractual, exclusive bond between parties which signifies a commercial alliance. Both parties may be people who agree to work together to make and manage a small business. The parties may also be separate groups, groups, or businesses that agree to collaborate and work together for a mutually beneficial common intent.


A strategic business partner is a leader who is included in discussions about the future, mission, aims, and overall plan of a business or organization. A tactical business partner, although not a part of this C-suite or executive leadership team, has a voice within their HR conversations. A strategic business partner is a consultant whose views and ideas are appreciated. The HR business partner is generally regarded as a strategic business partner that can offer recommendations, make decisions, and execute goals.


To be valued as a strategic business partner and merit an invitation to discussions about the organization’s future, a human resources professional must have a certain set of skills and knowledge. This professional must comprehend all areas and sections of the business, and how HR can reap these aspects. The person is skilled in listening to problems and ideas, and in clearly articulating solutions.


An HR business partner and HR manager are different roles and represent two different models of running human resources services within a company. The HR manager’s job focuses around developing policy and applying process. This position is accountable for systems like processing payroll, recruiting, hiring, system administration, and much more. The HR manager oversees the HR department.


The HR business partner, on the other hand, does not have administrative duties within a department. Their primary function is to work with the company’s senior leadership team and with department supervisors to help guide and communicate overall company strategy. HR business partners collaborate with the HR department whilst consulting with the executive team on HR issues and initiatives. They might have a hand in developing HR initiative and strategy which has an impact on the entire organization.


In order to be prosperous, HR Business Partner should have certain skills. As mentioned earlier, the requirement for this function is having knowledge of 3 areas — business, company’s business sector, and profound comprehension of HR.


Here, we will list some skills found among thriving HR Business Partners.


  1. Revenue mindset

Aside from their understanding of how business works — HR Business Partners have to get a revenue mindset. They must have the ability to market their suggestions to seasoned employees and C-level executives.


Additionally, as professionals within this role often deal with talent increase and management, they will need to have the ability to market their company to candidates they want to attract.


Many times, an HR Business Partner’s success depends on their capacity to persuade key stakeholders that their idea is worth pursuing.

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  1. Results-driven

This significant skill goes hand-in-hand with sales mindset. HR Business partners have to be results-oriented to be able to successfully plan and implement plans of company’s business interest.


For instance, if your company is looking to boost profitability, HRBP might indicate implementing anemployee recognition program that fosters profitability through certain mechanisms which increase employee participation.


Project Management

Considering that HR Business Partners are expected to propose and manage projects related to HR that will lead to accomplishing company-wide goals, it is not surprising that they are predicted to have some project management skills.


To put it differently, your HR Business Partner will thrive if the individual in this role can handle time and teams, believe seriously and direct projects efficiently.


  1. Organization

To achieve the optimal outcome of a planned initiative, you need to carefully schedule and timely implement the measures of a strategy.


Additionally, organizational skills will help coordinate unique personas required for taking certain actions.



The value of excellent communication skills cannot be undermined for almost any role in HR, and notably for HR Business Partner. As human resources are a”people” department, HR professionals need to be gram ood listeners, communicators and presenters.


An HR Business Partner signifies a bridge between the company and its workers. Therefore, professionals in this role ought to have the ability to convincingly persuade and negotiate with both independently executives and employees, in addition to successfully organize different key players’ activities to prevent lack of alignment in a team.


Recruiting Template


Reports to

HR Manager, VP Human Resources, Chief Human Resources Officer


Job Brief

We’re currently hiring an HR Business Partner to join our staff and work closely with stakeholders to ensure business goals are met.


Main Responsibilities of HR Business Partner

Your main responsibilities will include:


Being a powerful partner and advisor to the company on all HR related issues


Providing advice to the business on organizational and developmental needs


Resolving employee issues and conducting thorough investigations where required


Advising management on HR related issues Consistent with statutory legislation and company guidelines


Partnering with line management and personnel to enhance employee participation


Working across groups to ensure HR objectives are met


Participating in or leading projects focused on constant improvement


Crucial Requirements

You have prior experience in a business partnering role


Fantastic Understanding of HR related leveraging and metrics data driven insights


Solid History of building relationships with senior stakeholders


You are a problem solver & tactical thinker