5 Best Jungle Adventure Games for Android 2021

Playing adventure games on mobile is always so exciting but when it comes to adventure through the jungle, it’s more fun and more interesting then. So if you love to adventure through the jungle, love to run and jump, want to kill monsters and enemies in your way, this is the post to find some of the best jungle adventure games for Android. You’ll love to play these games for sure!

So, let’s have a look below before start playing any of them.

1. Jungle Fighters Quest

Jungle Fighters Quest For Android

Jungle Fighters Quest is our first pick — an adventurous and super challenging arcade adventure game. With well-designed levels, a beautiful jungle environment, a variety of obstacles, multiple monsters & enemies, attractive graphics, and nice music and sounds it’s so fun and interesting to play.

In the game, you need to pass through the mysterious jungle. You can run and jump over the obstacles, also you can fight with monsters in your way to keep moving forward. Use the Fighter’s gun when you need to clear your path from monsters and enemies. Always try to earn maximum coins to reach the final destination. But always remember, you need to be active and react fast to run and jump timely to avoid obstacles and earn more gold to achieve the levels. The game can also be played with your friends to challenge them to see who can make the highest scores.

Download Jungle Fighters Quest

2. Jungle Adventures 3

Jungle Adventures 3

This is the sequel of Jungle Adventure and Jungle Adventure 2. So there is nothing to say more about it. You’ll definitely love it as an adventure game lover. The gameplay is based on a story of the cute furry people of the forest who were being kidnapped by a gang of goons. So you need to join Addu and his friends on an amazing adventure to help him save the Fur family while facing epic challenges blocking his path.

Through the journey run, jump, and smash your way in this all-new Jungle Adventures 3 to experience an adventure unlike any other. Have fun while you race against time in the unique bonus areas which you have to keep a lookout for in this chaos. Remember, the more levels you clear the further you head into more adventure and face the reality of survival across dangerous and difficult jungle platform in this battle! A must-have jungle adventure game without any doubt.

Download Jungle Adventure 3

3. Jungle Adventures: Super World

Jungle Adventures Super World

This is our third pick – a super adventure of the Zog game. This game is about a jungle boy who wants to become a treasure hunter and you need to help the boy after founding an ancient map in the warehouse of his grandfather. The map leads to the super jungle world where the treasure will be found. You have to help the Jog to jump and run into jungle adventure to find the treasures. Always keep your eyes on while exploring, because there are a lot of threats in the super jungle world are waiting for him.

Download Jungle Adventure Super World

4. Pep’s World

Peps World

Pep’s World is another amazing adventure game for Android that’s not only about jungle adventure but more. Pep is always looking for his princess and there are always challenges on the journey to rescue her. If you can help him to the best, he will find his princess for sure. The princess is in danger, so don’t hesitate and don’t waste time anymore. Dash in a flash, jump and bump obstacles to bring him to his loved one.

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5. Jungle adventure

jungle adventure

This is our last pick on this list of best jungle adventure games. In the game, you will need to guide your bird through a variety of obstacles and you’ll have to fight with a fighter tiger that can appear at times. You always need to be very careful as each move can be your last. For better performance, you need to have better reflexes and improving them the best way you can. Because each time you play you will face new challenges and new demands. Overall, an amazing jungle adventure game for Android.

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