Best shredded-memory-foam pillow feels amazing

“These pillows are amazing! The shredded memory foam feels amazing compared to your shredded memory-foam pillow. It’s supportive but also has the perfect amount of give,” writes one reviewer. Others also enjoyed the comfortable support of the stuffing. “This shredded memory foam pillow is amazing; it’s soft enough for comfort, firm enough for support, and it always takes it shape back,” one reviewer explains. And lots of shoppers spoke about the cooling properties. “These pillows are the greatest. Sleep better, sleep cool and comfortable,” writes one. “I bought two for my wife and I, and we instantly loved them. Since then,  have bought three more for other family members. They all love them too. Reduces snoring and has helped reduce the frequency of migraines with my son.” Another says, “I ordered six, love them. Open them up and BOOM, the best cooling and no neck crooks since I bought them.”

Those looking for a supportive memory-foam pillow that still keeps them cool said this one from Live and Sleep did the job. “The memory foam king pillows gives you just the right amount of support in all the right places,” writes one shopper. “It also stays nice and cool and doesn’t get too hot like other memory-foam pillows I’ve had.” Another says, “The pillow stays cool and doesn’t get crushed by my large head, which is impressive. Since this pillow keeps its shape, I don’t wake up as often to adjust my pillow.” And those who compared this pillow to other memory-foam options found this one stood out: “I have tried many different pillows, including multiple different memory-foam pillows, and I must say this one is THE BEST, hands down. The firmness of the pillow is perfect and allows for a very comfortable sleep.”


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