Best Snow Blowers for Large Driveway to Buy in 2021

Snow blowers are indeed one of the best ways to clean up large driveways and backyards. Whether it is your fall leaf litter or massive winter snow, these blowers are geared up with the right gadgets to wipe away your worries.

Now that you have decided to use a best snow blower for large driveway, the most important question is WHICH ONE?

Which Snow Blower Suits Me the Best?

The market is filled with multitudes of options and all sorts of snow blowers. If you want to choose that perfect snowblower for yourself, then first you need to know what types of snowblowers are there!

  • Single-Stage Snow Blowers:Use it if you want to clean up smaller areas with less than 6 inches of snow. These blowers are much lighter but you will need to move it yourself.
  • Two-Stage Snow Blowers:Use it if you want to clean up larger areas like parking lots, driveways, school grounds etc. They are bigger in size and heavier but these beauties come with power assisted wheels to make your work smooth. With two-stage snow blowers, you can get all those angles with their self-propulsion and stronger power.
  • Three-Stage Snow Blowers: Use it if you have huge volume of snow or very long driveways or pathways. These blowers are just an upgrade of two-stage snow blowers with better maneuverability and stronger power.
  • Gas Snow Blowers: Gas snow blowers are super powerful. However, with great power comes great noise, maintenance and refueling! These blowers are much heavier and a bit complex to handle.
  • Electric Snow Blowers: Electric blowers usually lack in power from gas blowers but they are definitely more comfortable and luxurious. They are quiet, need less maintenance and definitely no need for refueling! These blowers can either come with a cord or they can be cordless. The cord blowers are usually more powerful. However, there are also cordless blowers with amazingly powerful batteries and fast charging speed.

Top Selling Snow Blowers For Larger Driveways

Let’s review a list of top selling snow blowers that can make your life much easier!

1. Toro Power Clear 821 QZE Gas Snow Blower

Toro Power Clear 821 QZE Gas Snow Blower

When Toro says that you can count on it then you can definitely count on it and get the latest designs and technology of snow blowers of all times!

The 821 is a miracle one-stage snow blower that can clear up your long drive ways in a jiffy!


  • 21″ Clearing Width and 12.5” intake height
  • Up to 11m of Throw Distance
  • 8 L Fuel Capacity
  • Easy Electric Start
  • Power Propel® system
  • 252cc 4-cycle OHV Engine that can slice up to 40 feet of snow!
  • Foldable chutes with smooth change in direction
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Easy storage
  • Accurate locking deflectors
  • Reduced clogging with curved rubber paddles
  • Power Curve® Technology
  • 2 Years Warranty
Pros Cons
Highly powerful Difficult to maneuver in heavy wet snow
Large snow throw distance Scraper bar gets damaged due to contact with ground cracks
Electric push-to-start button Not self-propelled

2. Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm 30

Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm 30

This two-stage electric start gas snow blower is the only answer for larger driveways (gravel or paved) and deeper snows (15” or more)! So undoubtedly the best snow blower for large driveway.


  • Powered by a 357cc Electric Start gas engine
  • 30” clearing width with 23” intake height
  • Heated handles/ hand grips
  • X-Trac snow tires for stability
  • In-dash headlight for better visibility
  • Thumb-operated four-way chute control
  • Durable rugged metal chute to cut through deep snow
  • Adjustable polymer skid shoes
  • Suitable for the heaviest and wettest snow
  • Self-propelled and equipped with Power Steering
  • 5-year limited warranty (3 years overall, 5 years auger gearbox)
Pros Cons
Can be used on long paved and gravel drive ways Low quality axles
Self-propelled Needs to be handled carefully on gravel
Powerful and large snow throw distance Blades in impeller can be frozen if not drained properly

3. Briggs & Stratton 27″ Dual-Stage Snow Blower

Briggs and Stratton 27 Dual-Stage Snow Blower

This Dual-Stage Gas Snow Blower features a 27-inch wide clearing path with a 20-inch intake height for clearing snow. It is indeed an excellent choice for people who need to clean up snow on medium to large driveways!


  • 27” clearing width and 20” intake height
  • Powerful 1150 snow series 250cc engine
  • Electric start
  • Equipped with heated hand grips
  • Free hand control
  • Easy steering in heavy and thick snowfall
  • Friction disk drive
  • Dash mounted chute rotation
  • On panel deflector control
  • Equipped with steel reversible skid shoes
  • LED headlights
  • Durable aluminum gearbox for longevity
  • 3-year limited warranty
Pros Cons
Easy electric start Difficult to find spare parts
Bi-directional drive system Reduced efficiency in heavy and wet snow
Headlights Unclear instructions in assembly manual