Best Tips To Add Your Spouse To Your Health Insurance Policy

When you buy a health insurance plan, you should ensure that all the members of your family are covered under the policy. This would ensure that if any member suffers a medical contingency, the health insurance policy would cover the medical costs incurred and spare you any financial trouble.

If you get married and want to add your spouse to your health insurance policy, you can buy a new family floater policy covering yourself and your spouse under a single plan. Alternatively, if you have an existing health insurance policy, you have two options to add your spouse to the coverage –

  1. On renewals
  2. Mid-term inclusion

Let’s understand these options in details – 


– On renewals


At the time of renewing your health insurance plan, you can convert your policy to a family floater policy if you have an individual plan. Upon such conversion, you can add your spouse to your health insurance policy. Alternatively, if you have an existing health insurance policy, you can add your spouse to the policy at the time of renewals.

The renewal premium would increase in both instances when the spouse is added to the policy.


– Mid-term inclusion


Family floater health insurance plans allow mid-term inclusions wherein new family members can be added to the policy during the coverage duration. So, if you want to include your spouse to the family floater coverage during the continuing policy duration, you can inform the insurance company about the same. The insurance company would charge a pro-rated premium for the remaining duration of the policy to add your spouse. Pay the premium and your spouse would be added to the policy coverage.

Tips for adding your spouse to your coverage

Whatever option that you choose to add your spouse to your health insurance plan, here are some tips that you should remember –

  • There are numerous plans available in the market. Compare insurance plans online and choose a policy that offers the most suitable and comprehensive coverage benefits at the most reasonable amount of premium.
  • Opt for an optimal sum insured, i.e. Rs.5 lakhs and above, to avail of sufficient coverage for yourself and your spouse
  • Look for maternity coverage if you would be planning a family in future
  • You can also opt for super top-up health insurance plans for increasing the coverage amount. Such plans would help you increase the sum insured without increasing the premium amount considerably.
  • If you are insured under a group health insurance policy offered by your employer, check if the coverage can be extended to cover your spouse too. This would add another layer of protection and supplement your independent health insurance plan
  • If your spouse has an individual health insurance policy on his/her name, the policy can also be converted to a family floater coverage on renewal and you can both enjoy one plan

Use these tips and ensure coverage for your spouse under your health insurance policy. Compare health insurance plans online to find the best policy for yourself and your spouse.