4 Best Trivia Game Apps – Hunt Knowledge while Having Fun!

Are you looking for some of the best trivia games for mobile which are simple, fun, exciting, challenging, and helpful for learning and brain training as well? Here we have curated some of the most popular trivia game apps for you that allows you to play, have fun, and test your knowledge, memory, and brain capacity. So are you ready to play quizzes?

Let’s go, check the list, download, and have entertained with quizzes from your favorite topics!


GrandQuiz - Quiz Game App

GrandQuiz is our first pick —a fantastic trivia game developed by Chellobee Technologies LLP. This is a kind of game that’s suitable for quiz fans and trivia addicts of all ages! It’s free to play and includes thousands of interesting quizzes in various categories. Just pick your favorite category or any category you want and answer the questions. At the end of each quiz, see answers to all the questions and get rewards for correct answers.

Besides playing with the app AI, you can also challenge and play with other players online whether the same questions will be asked to both of you and the winner will take all rewards. It also includes the classic Snake game that you can play to have fun and earn bees reward! With the referral program, you can also invite friends and earn rewards together. So download GrandQuiz on your Smartphone, enjoy playing with your favorite quiz topics, and train your brain.

GrandQuiz for Android / GrandQuiz for IOS


Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is another interesting trivia game for mobile. You can play it alone or challenge friends and family! There are multiple-choice questions instead of direct questions. There is a total of six different categories: art, sports, science & more to choose from.

Just get a character by landing the wheel on the Crown section, or answer three questions correctly, or challenge your opponent to a duel to snatch one of them to collect all 6 characters. It has different game modes too such as Triviatopics: answer questions about your favorite topics and test your knowledge! Triviathon: Give as many right answers as you can non-stop in a single-mode to climb the leaderboard and win, Play in real-time and answer correctly to stay alive in Survival mode, and, collect picks to win matches in Treasure Mine mode! Overall, pretty good trivia game app without any doubt!

Downlaod for Android / IOS



Psych is one of the most popular quiz apps inspired by party games like Balderdash! You can play it for free yet there are in-app purchases for turning off ads and unlocking new question packs. This game is also great to fool your friends and scoring points by questioning funny while playing.

In the game, each player needs to secretly submit a funny but plausible answer. After the submissions, the answers get displayed on your phone’s screen, as well as, with players who were attempting to figure out the correct answer. Then if somebody chooses your submission, you score a point. In the same way, if you guess the right answer, you score a point as well.

Download for Android / IOS


Trivia 360

Trivia 360 is a well-known trivia game app to play single-player and multiplayer games across different modes. You can play against classic multiple-choice questions, flag-identification quizzes, true-or-false questions, and identify-the-landmark games.

As you play the game, you rise up the app’s leaderboard, and as you play with players able to submit their own questions to the community to get answers. Certainly, this trivia game isn’t quite as comprehensive and versatile as other trivia apps, but it includes a lot. Moreover, It’s also completely free and doesn’t include any in-app purchases. A nice one to try when you are looking for a simple and free trivia game.

Downlaod for Android / IOS