Best vegan meat alternatives

Ditching all harmful effects of traditional meat and adopting a lifestyle that is not affecting the environment in the worse manner is one good thought to have. And this thought has to be transitioned into a reality considering the benefits you can gain from adopting a vegan diet. Furthermore, It is all pleasant till the time we have to put our brains to work on the plant based meat alternative available to conventional meat. Let’s try to figure out some man-made and Plant-based meat substitutes to make you stand high on your vegan grounds.

1.Man-made meat alternatives:

plant based chicken

Now as far as the structural and taste matters the best meat alternatives are carefully created man-made products. Ever heard of vegan beef burgers or vegan sausages, these are the products made with an enhanced process of combined plant-based protein (and other nutrients) in a man-made setup using specialized equipment to gain the desired fibrous structure and other appearances. Available in all shapes and varieties, pick up from any supermarket or to order online.

Beyond factory-made meat alternatives, there are few plant-based meat alternatives, that are not processed or packaged:


First in the category is this naturally fibrous exotic fruit. Jackfruit has several entangled strands, to make it a great faux shredded chicken and hence can be used in a soup or salad very suitably. The nature of this fruit is very chewy and has a good boiling capacity. Needs to be boiled carefully to avoid ruining texture and juiciness. This wonder fruit is filled with fiber, proteins, magnesium, copper, potassium, and A & C vitamins.

3.Beans, chickpeas, and legumes:

Red or white beans, super-rich in proteins can be substituted for bean-based patty resembling beef patty for vegan burgers. They also make great faux meat elements for salads and soups. Chickpeas, on the other hand, have exhibited the qualities of eggs, the fragrance and taste resemble the small pieces of eggs scattered around a bowl of a healthy salad. Lentils (technically legumes) have proved their nutrient enriches over the years keeping vegetarians strong and steady. They add extra texture to lasagna, casseroles, and a variety of dips and spreads.


Sweet potatoes and beetroot act as perfect subs for meat in every possible dish. They contain a distinctive texture and taste and are filling. Loaded with fiber, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, these roots bless you with beautiful skin and controlled weight without compromising on your meat fetishes.

5.Tofu & tempeh:

These soy-based meat alternatives, work as the replacement to main ingredients like lamb or chicken pieces in a pot dish. Tofu has a higher side of calcium and much lower in calories. Tempeh on the other hand provides necessary protein, fiber, potassium, and iron.

6.Mushrooms and eggplants:

Tastes amazing when grilled, having superpowers to hold on to marinade. Enriched with proteins, selenium, phosphorous, and vitamin D, mushrooms are super healthy and eggplants can any day replace the meat with their structural resemblance and nutrient providing capacity. They are a huge source of vitamin K, potassium, fiber, folate, protein, etc.

Right from boosting immunity to improving skin texture to a healthy heart, these plant-based meat alternatives are your go-to diet any day.