Best Video Calling Platform 2021- Amazecall, To Meet Random People Around The Globe

Have you felt a desire to meet and talk to a stranger? Do you want to have a conversation setting aside all your concerns? People have a strong desire to have social interactions. But with a raging pandemic, where the world has taken a stance against it. We witness barriers when we try to have a pleasant conversation, even with the closest of friends. The ever so admired interactions that excite us; are in restriction. It may stay in confinement to a small circle of people, like our family members or some random stranger from high school. As hard as it is to oblige to social distancing, there are great ways that help us bond with random strangers. I went through some stranger calling platforms that will help people meet and talk to other people around the world. Do have a good read till the end to discover what I am talking about.

Amaze Call- Best video calling platform you will ever find

The growing concerns about the mental health of people have received a lot of attention. So it made me wonder how to overcome this. So I came across this platform called Amaze Call, where they offer a mode to communicate with new people. I feel uncomfortable encountering many people on group chat, but I found this platform very welcoming because they have a one-on-one video call feature. This platform also offers the luxury to make video calls anonymously. If you seem not to be happy about disclosing your private information just like me, then this is the right video calling platform for you. And you can also choose to create an account for yourself before exploring the platform, which solely depends on your decision.

What more cool features does Amaze Call offer?

Amazecall — Best Video Call Platform 2021

Best Video Calling Platform 2021- Amaze Call

In a world full of video chatting platforms, what do you think made me feel something more unique about Amaze Call? I found many of the websites having garnered the attention of predators in different parts of the world. Who enjoy misusing the platform for cheap thrills. But Amaze Call offers you an opportunity to take necessary measures, unlike many others that I came to notice. It made me put my concerns behind me and use this stranger calling platform without a doubt. I happen to notice this striking feature in Amaze Call that made it more appealing to me. It thrives in maintaining its integrity. It puts safety as a top priority while exerting the utmost effort, which I am sure anyone using it will not fail to notice. The privacy of people is taken good care of. This uprising platform makes random video calling people real quick and easy.

Are you having trouble finding your perfect romantic partner? Well, you guessed it right, just the reason why I was here. This platform offers you an option to filter your potential romantic encounter by applying your interest. It helps you pair with a person with whom you may bond with ease. It goes even a step ahead by introducing filters to both the gender and location. These noticeable features made using Amaze Call real fun.

Many Other Video Calling Platforms

1. Omegle

Unfortunately, when I researched this video calling platform, I found it be infamous among many people who may take a specific interest in abusing it to accomplish different desires, if I may put it bluntly. The platform claims to host various video calling chats that may or may not be monitored, depending on the age verification whatsoever. And one thing I noticed was that the abuse of the Omegle is at its peak.

The platform Omegle offers a feature called the “spy mode” This lets a stranger induce a conversation between two others and gives the right of opulence to observe them interact. As disturbing as it sounds, some may find it discomforting like myself to know such features exist. But I found nothing similar to that on Amaze Call, and I think it is a perfect Omegle alternative online. Omegle only offers video calling opportunities if the user could use a laptop. Otherwise, you may have to go with their text chatting only.

2. Shagle

Shagle is a video calling platform that requires no signup process, so it allows you to go ahead and chat your heart out. This stranger video calling platform is quite famous among the people. But how may you feel if the platform you use to make new friends have too many restrictions? Yes, that’s right. I came to notice that this platform is known for its strict rules and regulations. If you want to connect to someone you just met and hit it off, they won’t let you do that. You can encounter the person once. The Shagle, unfortunately, presents no application for the mobile phone, which I found inconvenient while using it. I also noticed that the feature which helps filter the common interest of people had no synchronization. So, in that case, I found a platform like Amaze Call very user-friendly. It can act as your Shagle alternative.

3. Chatroulette

Chatroulette is a platform that again requires no personal details to get yourself signed in. As desirable as many video calling platforms may appear, it might as well be no second to a landmine full of human predators. Chatroulette has some users who play havoc in their application with indecent content. It mostly goes unnoticed by the team. Chatroulette sure has no monitoring of any content. It may act as a challenge to innocent individuals who wants a warm conversation with someone new. The chats do not pass any verification process to keep the inappropriate content at its bay. So, as a user, it made me feel a little uncomfortable trying to skip past those. They offer their users a chance to report any indecent behavior but have yet failed to disclose if they get banned for good.
They may also have a couple of other drawbacks that I came to notice. One of them is having not supported by mobile phone. Also, they do not present a means of finding an individual with similar interests, so I naturally preferred something that allows me to find someone of my type.

4. Tinychat

Tinychat has a web design that manages to draw the attention of many users like me. It requires its users to have an account before exploring the site. If you are someone who desperately wants to talk with a new individual and have a one on one conversation. Then I found Tinychat was not appropriate for the purpose. This platform is proud to offer its users an opportunity to have video conferences. It will anchor chat rooms. This platform might come as handy for professionals who want to meet for business purposes. Now, like Amaze Call, I noticed Tinychat does not give a chance to choose between creating an account or being anonymous. You may be requested to sign in using personal information. You may have to disclose a bunch of details about yourself.

The Tinychat application can horde space in your mobile, more than necessary. This stranger calling platform has a thing for bug notifications. They can send you as many notifications, to get on your nerves(Just kidding).

5. Whatslive

Whatslive allows you to send friend requests to people you like. Apart from the other video calling applications; that I found. This application that I found allows video calling random people; and has a free and paid version. If you are to enjoy the luxury of Whatslive, you may need to have coins. But I found Amaze Call free and as a super convenient Whatslive alternative.


Amaze Call is a terrific video calling platform that will buy you some quality time with a stranger, free of cost. I loved the experience that it offers. This platform is worth a shot; you may give it a try.