Best Warm Places to Visit in Winter in Europe 2021

In winter, some prefer to go skiing or those who, on the other hand, take refuge in tropical and very hot terrestrial paradises for two weeks between diving and bikinis. Without extremes, however, there are also several destinations to discover short-sleeved without going too far. We also have some in Italy, such as Syracuse, to visit amazed and taste the delicious Sicilian cuisine. In an hour and a little more, you can reach Malta: in spring, you can swim there, so it is not uncommon for temperatures to reach 18 degrees, even in winter. In short: with the sun, it is a marvel to sail on a sailboat. If you plan to visit some tropical destination this winter, try making your flight bookings using American Airlines reservations for the best flying experience. 

Warm and Arabian, Andalusian Cordoba will leave you breathless, while in Faro, Portugal, you can smell the scents of the ocean.

Ortigia, Italy

Among ancient ruins and glimpses that allow a glimpse of the crystalline sea, enjoy long gastronomic and shopping walks in this Sicilian city that retains all the past charm.

For a stay, a stone’s throw from the sea, choose the island of Ortigia: the Gutkowski hotel, the holiday home Stay in Ortigia and the Maison Ortigia are three choices to consider.


Jewel of the Meditteranean, Malta hides crazy alleys and unforgettable sunsets. Even in winter, you can discover its history thanks to the guided tours that tell of dominations and wars. Rent a boat to go around the island a stone’s throw from Italy to enjoy its warm sun; putting your feet in water would be pleasant even in winters.

Cordoba, Andalusia, Spain

Warm and colorful, the most Arab city of Andalusia, in southern Spain, will captivate you with its atmosphere. Do not miss Mezquita, one of the most beautiful mosques in Europe, the ‘Alcazar of King Christian right in Arabic style, and the white houses of the Juderia.

To get there, get off in Seville or Malaga, which you can combine with a visit to Cordoba if you have a long weekend available.

Faro, Portugal

A seaside town in southern Portugal, Faro boasts its airport and lovely white houses.

Surrounded by ancient walls, it offers a splendid cathedral, the unmissable Do Carmo church (or Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Carmo), and colorful alleys in the old city. If you have one more day, discover the Ria Formosa, a lagoon that will give you crazy natural views.

Chefchaouen, Morocco 

Here is the so-called “Blue City of Morocco “, in a region with an always pleasant climate.

After taking hundreds of photos of blue houses and buildings, shop in Medina. The cuisine is very spicy, more than in other regions. You get there with a flight to Tetouan airport, from which the city is about 70 kilometers away, or by arriving in Fes: from here, however, the journey is much longer.

Jerusalem, Israel 

Many people prefer the Holy City to the very popular Tel Aviv: it will be for the Wailing Wall’s suggestion, the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher, the Temple Mount, or perhaps for the alleys of the Old City, to go through losing yourself.

After a bit of shopping, indulge in local cuisine pleasures because you can eat very well here.

Lanzarote, Canary 

This Canary Island is the perfect destination if you have a long weekend to enjoy beaches, nature reserves, volcanic landscapes. Do not miss the cactus garden, the Mirador del Rio, the most panoramic point of the island, and the Sunday market of Teguise: very colorful and perfect for shopping for food and souvenirs.

You can also take volcano walks and sunbathe on spectacular beaches, such as Playa Papagayo.

So, enjoy your winters in these beautiful cities and embrace the warmth for those cozy winter vacations. Book your tickets using Delta Airlines reservations options to indulge in the fanciest flying experience.