Students and people, in general, prefer to learn English at home rather than going to physical classes. This is because it is convenient and cheaper compared to the physical classes. You do not need to pay for a commute or either waste time on it.

To learn English at home there are a few ways you can use it, which are explained below:

Reading Books:

One of the basic ways to learn English is to read a textbook especially an English guide. English guides are quite engaging, with a lot of fun activities that enhance your English writing skills. Apart from it, depending on the guide you can also get colorful and fun little dialogues that will make the entire learning process more interesting.
The great thing about learning from a textbook is that it helps set the foundation of English writing and speaking. It gives you a learning structure that aids you in more methodological and comprehensive progress of learning a new language. If you want to improve you’re English to write a Phd thesis Pakistan, then you must read books written by scholars in your field.


According to Dr.Adrish, “To write without reading is as if using a pen with no ink”. Reading a novel is one of the most efficient ways to get a hold of your grammatical skills and expand your vocabulary. It also gives you an idea about how to structure your English sentences.

If you are at beginner level then try reading children’s storybooks. If you are at an intermediate level, read books like Harry Potter. If you are someone who is at the advanced level, perhaps you are PhD student, in that case, books like that of Gorge Orwell will benefit you a lot.

Hiring A Tutor:

There are a lot of people who are offering you tutoring services. You will get to see a lot of advertisements on Instagram or popular sites like italki of their services. Hiring such tutors is a good way of learning English at home through online classes. Apart from it, you can also hire tutors from your surrounding areas that will come to your house to give English lessons.

Hiring a tutor online will give you a chance to speak with a native speaker one-on-one, some of which may be certified to teach English. As for those who are not certified, you can still get the opportunity to hold a real dialogue in English.

Using Language learning Apps:

Using Language learning Apps:

Language learning apps are widely used these days and the sole reason for that is they make learning fun and keep you motivated. These apps are really useful if you are at a beginner level especisll7 with developing a good vocabulary.

Best Language Learning Apps:

Here are a few apps that are useful and popular these days:

  • Duo lingo
  • Fluent
  • Mind snacks

Apart from this, you can also use language exchange apps such as Hello talk to talk with native speakers for free.

Watching Films and TV Shows:

Watching films and Tv dramas is an interesting activity, not only does it keep you entertained but you can also learn English through them.

Starting with watching English films, you should watch the English films that you have seen before dubbed in your native language. This is because, if you are familiar with the storyline of the film, then you can focus completely on understanding the English.

You should also turn on the English subtitles whenever you are watching the movie to get a clear idea of what is being said on the screen. The same goes for English TV shows.

Listening to Podcasts:

Podcasts are one of the best ways to learn English at home because it features conversations between real English speakers. The speakers talk about different topics, with lessons that are categorized in terms of language level and type.

  • Level 1 – basic, Level 2 – intermediate, level 3 – advanced, and business English.

Each podcast episode is usually three to five minutes long which makes them a convenient way of learning English if you have a few minutes to spare. In addition, there are a lot of resources available like transcripts, vocabulary tasks, and worksheets that you can take advantage of.

Podcasts not only enhance your speaking skills but also your listening skills. You can listen to any topic you are curious about and pick up new English words or different pronunciations during it.

Reading the News:

What is the best way to know the current affairs all while learning English? Reading the news is your answer. The advantage of learning English through reading news headlines or articles is that it never gets boring. The news constantly puts out interesting and engaging stories for you to read through. It is one of the best ways to learn about other countries cultures and heritage.

If you have already read or listened to the news in your native language then reading about the same article in English means that you have a bit of a head start and it is much easier to understand.

You can also watch news channels like BBC or CNN – depending on whether you want to learn American English or British English. You can also read their news stories. Although if you are at beginner level of learning English then it is better to read Breaking News English published articles.

Using Social Media:

The use of social media is growing day by day and luckily, it is one of the great ways to acquire English speaking and writing skills at your fingertips. Through social media, you can improve your English listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills. You can read posts, write comments, listen to videos or audios and even send voice notes which all aid to your main aim: understanding English.


Now you know some of the best ways to improve your English, pick the ones that suit you best.

“Best of luck with your journey!”