Binge-watching my favorite shows on Netflix with Netgear Orbi Mesh

Motion pictures have been a prime time source of entertainer ever since we discovered a small flaw in the human evolution of the eye. Our eyes just can’t see fast enough and if we show it a total of 16 pictures in a second it feels like motion. Videography has brought to us some of the most entertaining pieces of art ever since its advent. Though the industry has changed a lot from the point where everyone gradually made it to the online world, we still have the same love for movies. We are here to explain the Netgear orbi mesh router device.

Personally, I left the large screen movie watching shenanigans quite some time ago. I’ve converted my interests to Netflix for the better. That being said we all know you would need a strong internet connection to watch your Netflix without any hindrance. I didn’t want my favorite series to keep on buffering to eternity. Therefore I brought home the Netgear orbi setup. A simple yet extremely well-performing mesh type router that could be the all in one networking solution for me. It was quite simple to set it up and start using it. Let’s see how well and convenient it went for me.

Setting up my Netgear orbi mesh router

First of all, it wasn’t complicated at all. The New Netgear orbi setup is simpler than it ever was. Let’s go through the steps briefly to give you a picture of what I am talking about. Take out your main router or base station and keep the other extension modes aside. Connect your base station to a power source and also to the internet using an Ethernet cable. Next, you can proceed to connect it to your setup device using the WiFi. Once it is connected you simply have to open up the browser and access the setup link. To access the setup link you can either type in into the address bar or simply type the IP address on the device to do the same job.

Once you are on the login page you will have to use the default credentials to enter. You may change these credentials later to suit your needs. Follow the website UI to complete the setup procedure and then you are done setting up the base station. Next, you can power up your nodes and then press the connect button and they will automatically connect to your base station. Then proceed to place the nodes and the base station equidistance from each other to get the best and vast range. That is it and you will have completed your Netgear orbi setup

The alternative method for orbi mesh

You can also complete the same setup procedure using mobile application support. To do the new orbi setup via app download the application from the respective store on your phone. After that create an orbi account by signing up in the application. Then you can use the I’d and password to login into your application. Power up your base station and use the application to connect to it. Then give an SSID and password to your router to set it up. Connect the nodes to it and place them in the equidistance way and you are done. You can now enjoy vast connectivity with your Netgear orbi mesh router setup.

Resetting your device and firmware updates

If you ever needed to reset your device back to its factory settings simply log in to your application and do the reset to the factory settings option. Pressing it will do the job. You may also do it by using the manual reset button present on the device. Apart from that, you can also use the setup link to do the same job as there is an option present on it too.
Talking about firmware updates you can download and install them easily right from the applications. Press the check for updates button and whatever list comes up, you can download and install them instantly. You can also do the same procedure on the setup link too. It is important to keep your device updated with the firmware so that it can give you the best performance and seamless connectivity at all times.