Birthday Party Outdoor Décor


Outdoor parties have always attracted the attention of children and adults, thanks to the vast space that you can use much better than indoors. With greenery, blue skies and sunshine, you already have enough to go on and create a wonderful ambience for your birthday bash. On top of that, you’ll need to make a little bit of effort and include more creative décor that will make an entire happening look and feel fabulous. If you need help with deciding how to decorate your outdoor birthday shindig, keep on reading.

Place a welcome sign

To create a wow effect right from the start, place a welcome sign near the entrance to your backyard. All it takes is a sandwich board to create fabulous décor. With both sides printed with cute graphics, your guests will feel welcome instantly. Consider the theme of the party and choose the graphics for the board accordingly. If it’s a kid’s party, then a favourite cartoon characters or just whimsical patterns can do the trick.

Balloons galore

What’s a party without balloons, right? So, think about the colour scheme first, and make sure you get balloons galore, to match the palette. Whether you go for an arch made of balloons, or you decide to get a Happy Birthday set of balloons filled with helium and have it as a backdrop next to the table with food, drinks and treats, you’ll create stunning décor. Have plenty of balloons all over the grass for the children to play with and to make the party look more lavish. If it’s a kid’s party, then you cannot have the event without a helium-filled balloon of your kid’s favourite cartoon character.

Incorporate flowers into the décor

Flowers add to an entire arrangement, so make sure you also place them strategically around the backyard. If you know that many guests will bring flower gifts to thank you for inviting them such as thank you flower gifts then you can also use those to make the outdoors look more alive and colourful. Just find them a spot after the guests bring them and little by little your party will look fabulous. Feel free to spread flower décor all over the tables, for an added effect.


Happy birthday props

Forget about boring selfies and posing for photos that always look the same. To bring in a dose of innovation to your party, let everyone have the props that they can wear throughout the party, and take home alter. From cardboard sunglasses, moustache, lips and lipsticks to b-day hats each item will fill the party with colourful vibes and you’ll get awesome photos. Furthermore, consider having Happy Birthday yard signs too. Make sure you keep the favourite colours, interest, hobbies, common themes in mind when you’re ordering signs so that it doesn’t clash with the rest of the décor.

Decorate with food and drinks

Foods and drinks don’t have to be boring. With so many online catering options, you can order virtually anything you want and have the best party in the neighbourhood. Do you want everything in pastel tones? Maybe you’re throwing a vintage-themed party? Either way, you can have the food and drinks to match your theme in colours and tones. From baby blue, pink, and yellow macaroons to cotton candy and colourful lemonades, you can incorporate a full spectrum of foods and drinks that will fit in perfectly with your vision of the décor. Finger sandwiches, canapes, pigs in blankets and similar food that guests can snack on without having to sit and use cutlery is always the best option for outdoor parties. Nobody has to waste their time sitting down and missing out on the fun.

Have a creative photo backdrop

From a balloon covered wall to a flower wall, the options for a photo backdrop are endless. Maybe you want a landscape from your favourite holiday destination or some famous landmark that you’ve always wanted to visit but still didn’t have the chance to do it. Choose the design and have an oversized banner with the perfect backdrop at your party. The photos will be the ones to remember for sure.

Set up a photo booth

Making the most of the outdoor space is always the key to having a well-decorated party. So, if you still have some space to spare after setting up the balloons, tables for food and treats, the backdrop and the rest of the décor, consider setting up a photo booth as well. With all the props that you’ve handed out, all the guests will have the perfect spot to take pictures of themselves and goof around. Grab a prop, strike a pose and let’s get that party started.

Final thoughts

Having an outdoor birthday party will be unforgettable for both the person celebrating the birthday and for all the guests. If you’re wondering how to help decorate the outdoor area, our ideas will definitely come in handy. Whether you opt for them or use them just as an inspiration, the party will be a success either way. 

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