Bless Yourself With Bouncy and Silky Hair This Summer! Here’s How!

Summer heat can cause inevitable damage to our hair conditions. Regular exposure to the sun can cause split ends, hair fall, lack of shine, dry and brittle hair, and so on. To prevent further damage, it is essential to use natural hair care essentials or follow up a hair care routine.

Ways to keep your hair in good condition in summer

  1. Oiling

Oiling is one of the common ways to keep your hair in good shape. It is a great way to decrease any adverse hair condition. It helps nourish and moisturize your scalp. Before you use shampoo, you can apply coconut or almond oil a day before and sit overnight to get the best result.

  1. Keep it clean

To keep your hair silky and bouncy, you must keep your hair clean. It is easy to get your hair dirty during summer due to heat, sweat, and dirt. Ensure that you use shampoo to thoroughly clean your scalp and hair strands at least twice a week. And after this, apply conditioner to replenish the moisture to your hair.

  1. Use a homemade hair pack.

Hair also needs extra care to combat the adverse effects of the weather. To get an extra shine and bounciness to your hair, use a homemade hair pack. Use two or more natural ingredients that have many ayurvedic benefits and apply them to your hair.

  1. Eating habits

Eating habits not only impact our health but also impacts our hair condition. It is essential to have a balanced diet to provide important nourishment and nutrients to your hair. Include food items like soybean, flax seeds, chickpeas, and so on as a part of your regular diet.

  1. Drink water

In the summer, it is essential to keep ourselves hydrated. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep yourself in good condition. Keeping our body well-hydrated is the best way to ensure that our hair stays in shape.

  1. Avoid heat tools

Using heating tools like hair dryers and filters can cause damage to our hair. It strips off moisture from the hair making it more dry and brittle. Anything that involves using high-temperature equipment on your hair should be avoided at all costs.

Tips to instantly add a shine and make your hair bouncy

  • Apply aloe vera pulp to your scalp and hair. Wash it after 20 minutes to get a shine to your hair. The natural properties improve the quality of one’s hair.
  • Before going out on a sunny day, use a sun-protective serum for your hair.
  • Trim your hair as and when required to avoid split ends.


You can keep your hair healthy and bouncy in summer by just following simple tips and measures. Summer, in general, can cause excess hair loss due to heat or sun exposure. Shahnaz Husain sells anti aging creams to combat signs of aging due to heat exposure and various hair care essential to protect our hair from any further damage.